How To Create A Small EntryWay When You Don’t Really Have Space

How To Create A Small EntryWay When You Don’t Really Have Space

An entryway is a place in the home that welcomes you home. It’s where you go and set your belongs down and can take a deep breath. When I didn’t have one I had nowhere to put my things. It was so frustrating and it was always so messy with my shoes and bag all over the place. I hated it. So I wrote out how to make an entryway when you literally have no space.

I live in a pretty small apartment, like less than 500sq ft. I don’t have a lot of space since it’s just me and I like being able to look at my front door from my bed. If someone else is in my house I can pretty much see where you’re at easily. But I don’t have much space at all for a lot of stuff but I do have like hardwood in front of my door so yay!

So here’s how I would create an entry was with literally no space.
small entryway

You usually have some type of wall space by your door, like behind the door. You can add clothing hooks there, get some really cute ones so you can hang your coat and maybe your bag if it’s not heavy. You can add a little stool to set your bag down. It’s nice.

This is mine I set up mine

For my entryway, I just really needed a place to set everything down and out of the way but also easily accessible so I don’t have to find everything. Every morning I used to run and search for everything this time I just bought a clothing rack.

I really bought it to hang my plants ( i have a lot of plants) but I didn’t have enough to fill it out.

I couldn’t leave it just empty so I put my bag on it and got some shoes out of my closet and now that’s where they all live and I love it. I don’t have a cute bench to sit on but it’s still so efficient because if I had a bench then I would sit there on my phone after work because I’ll be so tired.

I like it though it’s one of the favorite parts of my apartments. I also got a nice basket to sit beside it for my blankets and it’s amazing.

How did your entryway come to be? Let me know and send me a pic on Instagram or Twitter and don’t forget to share and comment.

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