How I Treat My Eczema At Home

How I Treat My Eczema At Home

When spring starts and the weather gets nice, the beautiful flowers start to bloom. My allergies also start to bloom. Some years it’s only a few sneezes, my eczema almost always flares. My skin gets tight and I also get hives. Its terrible tragedy but after many years I’ve learned how to cope and heal from it, I’ll tell you what I know.

The best advice I can give you is to get anti-itch cream. Get it as soon as you get a flare-up or you feel one coming on. I’ve been using hydrocortisone cream since I was younger and it helps the itching sensation stop and it helps keep it moisturized.

Now if your eczema flares up from an allergic reaction then take your allergy medication. I use Zyrtec, Claritin is too weak for me but if it works for you then it works for you. Keeping your skin hydrated is key in life. It helps the skin repair itself and keeps infections, breakouts, and anything else away. In this sense that hydration is going to help your skin focus on healing. Once you stop scratching and you start seeing the texture and feel of your skin improving you can start working on fixing the discoloration.

The key to fixing any hyperpigmentation is patience and exfoliation. In this case please don’t exfoliate, it might cause another flare-up, it’ll do more harm than good. What you can do is get you some hydroquinone.

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It’s a serum that helps even out your skin tone. Make sure you don’t have an allergy to it before using it on your eczema. Once you have that it is imperative that you use sunscreen when using this product. Hydroquinone makes your skin extremely sensitive and can cause pigmentation to get worse if you don’t protect the skin.

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Now I’m lazy, I don’t always remember the sunscreen. So to make sure that I don’t forget I use Ambi Fade Cream. It has hydroquinone in it as well as sunscreen. I treat it like a serum even though it is a cream and I apply another layer of moisturizer on top. I’ve used Ambi as a moisturizer before and it wasn’t enough for me.

After a few days, you should start seeing the spots lighten up. Pretty soon it’ll be gone just don’t forget to keep it hydrated and don’t scratch! How do you guys treat your eczema when you have a flare-up? Let me know in the comments.

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