How I Ground Myself When I’m Spiraling

How I Ground Myself When I’m Spiraling

Sometimes the world is too much. I can get in a really bad mood for no reason and it can lead to a depression episode. I call that moment me spiraling, it’s when I feel myself start going down a hole. It can be from anything like someone honked at me to my brain remembering something I did in high school. When that happens I have some things I do.

Hug my dog

Most of the time works. His happy tail and loved filled eyes peaking over through those shaggy bangs melt my heart and reminds me I matter and am loved.

Play in dirt

This is something I need to do but, if I’m honest, I haven’t done lately. I need to tend to my plants, it’s so calming repotting, pruning and watering my plants that I reach pure tranquility.


If I get frantic I do yoga. Sometimes I just need to move and do something anything and start doing a million things and finishing none of them. Yoga helps because it’s mostly breathing, and focusing on my poses. I can only do one pose at a time, one thing at a time. It settles me.

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