How I Am Going Green With Fashion

How I Am Going Green With Fashion

I’m trying to go green I’ve done compost and starting walking a lot more to places near me. I’m not perfect. I don’t want to take the bus and my complex doesn’t offer a recycling service. Regardless I’ll press through! Although I can’t solve all the world’s problems I do what I can, something that’s helpful is going green with fashion.

Fast fashion is the number one reason why fashion is so hazardous to the environment. Between the chemical dyes being released in the water, hunting animals for fur, and the sweat factories. It’s a wonder why there isn’t more outrage. I mean if there’s something in there for everyone to be upset about.


I’m not here to make you mad ( although you should be) I’m here with solutions! How do we fix it and help mother earth and extend our lives here on this planet? Because let’s be real, she’ll kill us all off and start over with no problem.

So how do we help minimize the impact? You buy second hand. I know a lot of people cringe at the idea because you don’t know know how retail works. You think it’s gross to wear second-hand stuff and it’s dirty. Take it from someone who’s worked in multiple retail stores for years every single item in that store is dirty. EVERYTHING.


Unless you bought it with plastic wrapped around it, and even then it might not be clean. I mean if you’re buying stuff that is mass-produced you think they wash it before sending it to stores? Probably not. So if that’s why you don’t want to shop in a second-hand store that’s all on you. They don’t wash or spray down shoes before or after someone tried them on they just put it back in the box.

Now that we got that out of the way let’s talk about how you’re helping the environment by thrift shopping!

  1. The fewer clothes that need to be produced the less toxic waste are released into the atmosphere.
  2. You can find really unique pieces from places that you never even thought of
  3. It’s wallet-friendly, very few places can you get good jeans below $50.

I recently started to thrift shop and I can’t tell you how much I love it. It takes a bit longer but what I find I love a lot more than if I didn’t. Also for those wondering, I wash them before I wear them and spray down my shoes but that’s not because I buy some items second hand that’s because I worked retail and I saw EVERYTHING!

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