Habits Of Highly Successful Sleepers

Habits Of Highly Successful Sleepers

I’m a horrible sleeper like it’ll be 2 am and I’ll be wide awake laying in the darkness just up. I’ll wake up the next day after falling asleep at 4 am and be exhausted, my friends who are great sleepers just laugh it off. I guess they don’t understand why I can not sleep. Who can blame them? They’ll fall asleep in minutes, I simply can’t. So I asked How the hell do you guys fall asleep so easily? Here’s what they told me.

..:: My Friends on…How To Fall Asleep ::..

” I have a set bedtime. I go to bed at 11:30 pm every night no exceptions. I can’t risk messing up my internal clock and being thrown off forever!” – Adam,31

“Soft music is key! I turn on whale noises or sounds of the tropics and silently meditate for a few minutes before I know it, it’s morning” – Ashley, 26

“Once I do my nightly routines I’m never up much longer after that, it just feels weird to do things after I shower, wash my face and tie up my hair. That’s like my signal to my brain its bedtime and I need to go to sleep.” – Kara, 27

“I always have a cup of tea. That always knocks me out” – Tavia, 23

“I take melatonin, only when it’s getting late and I can’t sleep. I’m usually out in the next hour.” – David, 25

“Just masturbate, even better have sex! It’s easy, fun, and effective.” – Angie, 34

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