How I Got Rid Of My Stretch Marks

How I Got Rid Of My Stretch Marks

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor and my method of removal is not recommended, even by me. Use at your own risk.

I first got my tiger stripes when I was 24 and my booty started to grow. They weren’t the cute little white lines everyone thinks are adorable. They were literal tiger stripes like big dark brown lines going all across my thighs like a pair of shorts. Eventually, they started going down my inner thighs reaching my knees. I was beyond devastated and embarrassed. For 5 months I used a series of products from Strivectin (didn’t work), to Castor oil (kinda worked)  but nothing really got rid of them.
One day I kept seeing girls use derma roller on their face and wondered what the heck it was. Basically, it’s a roller covered with tiny needles that poke holes in your skin. It helps your body produce collagen and helps any product that you’re using penetrate your skin deeper.
It helps with stretch marks because your skin (once punctured) will generate new skin without the scaring. Multiple girls on YouTube swore by the product and with it only being around 10 dollars or so I figured why not?
Once I got it I used it at least once a day tuning it back and forth on an area 10 times then applied my cream.
After about 2 weeks I began seeing results! I couldn’t have been any happier! But still, my results weren’t happening fast enough. I wanted to be patient but couldn’t. I figured since stretch marks are essentially scars from your skin stretching rapidly why not get something for scaring?
Enter in Mederma Dry Oil for scars and stretch marks aka my saving grace. I swear by the oil. The oil absorbs into the skin so it penetrates the skin deeper than any cream and if I use it with my roller I couldn’t beat. And I was right! My dark brown turned to light brown almost overnight! I was back in skirts guys! I never felt sexier.

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