Go A Little Greener Today Here’s How

Go A Little Greener Today Here’s How

If you have been paying attention to anything going on with the planet, you know we’re in trouble. Not just because of covid but with climate change making natural disasters 10x worse. Tbh mother nature will be ok. She is the creator of beings and keeper of people, she the divine and knows how to heal herself. Us humans on the other hand will be tossed to the way side. In order to save ourselves we must protect and save the world. Going green creates a butterfly effect, one small thing can make a big change. If you’re not sure where to start, I’ve complied a small list to help you get started!

Reduce & Reuse

One thing that people think you HAVE to do before you go green is buy all green products. You don’t. The stuff you have is fine it’s a mindset change. Find new uses for what you already have and spend less money if you dont have too and repair the items you have.


Recycling is the best way to help the plant and you feel good doing it! You must make sure that the item is recyclable. The best way is to look to see if there is a recycle symbol on the product. If not make sure you can reuse it for something else the goal is to reduce waste in general. If you need locations or recycling plants in your area a quick google search will help, or if you just have small recyclables (like bottles & old papers) Harris Teeter has recycle bins in the front. Also old electronics, hair dryers and straighteners Best Buy will help you recycle them there’s a full list of items they take on their website for you.

Shop Sustainable & Second Hand

So shopping is fun we know but you want to shop smart. Shopping second hand is a great way to give life to old items, you put less toxic emissions in the world, find unique items with a good deal. Make sure if you do buy new then it’s something again that’s reusable and/or made with recyclable, biodegradable materials.


Use Less Water

Shorter or less frequent showers are helpful or using products that save on energy costs like eco-friendly shower heads, washer, and dishwasher. line drying your clothes instead of using the washer will lower your carbon footprint by a lot.

Stop using single use plastic

Stop buying plastic bottles use a reusable bottles. Also a water filter pitcher a unit attached to your faucet in the house they’re only 20 to 30 dollars compared to the hundreds of dollars you spend on water bottles. Also grocery bags, those plastic bags I know people are saying you can use them as lunch bags, shower caps, and whatever else but they’re reusable options out there! Keeping reusable bags in my car so I don’t forget them when I go shopping, I suggest you guys do that too it’s such a life saver.

I hope you guys find this helpful ad if you have any additional tips for a greener life let me know I would love to hear it!

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