#GetYourLife: Time For Hibernation

#GetYourLife: Time For Hibernation

Every fall or so I like to reset myself. Whether I’m taking time for my mental or physical health.

This is hibernation is for both. Like I said in a previous post my mental health has been tested, you guys. I’m looking sleep and I’m getting angry a lot more which I don’t like. Physically, I just like to eat and lounge around and I’m starting to look like it. So I’m starting a diet and workout plan.

I like to do overhauls of my life, where I clean out my life. Like I get a chance to refresh and make any tweaks I feel necessary.

..:: So here’s the plan::…

Month 1

I start with a dietary cleanse. I like to start off with my diet because it sets the pace. When you eat better you feel better and when you feel better you’re more motivated to stick to any lifestyle changes you make. Also, you’ll see your work out results faster.


Month 1.5-2

After my diet is in check I get physical I start my work out schedule hard. I like to do 6 days a week going from hard to light. I then once I get in my groove I lighten up to just do a 3 day week mid intensity.

Now that we got the physical and diet down we go to mental. I get into my nightly meditation to calm my mind and get my chakras in check.

Month 3

I then get my life reorganized schedule out my life rework my wardrobe and plan out my next year and goals. Then my hibernation is over, I’m birth a new and ready to take on the world.


Want to join my journey? I’ll be documenting here and telling my process. Please join me with any tips you have I look forward to hearing from you.


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