Get This Peach & Lily Glass Skin Refining Serum

Get This Peach & Lily Glass Skin Refining Serum

The other day I was bored and decided to get my beauty fix. I needed something for my dark spots and overall skin love to get my glow on after using Kate Somerville’s Kit and I discovered a new serum that I pretty much adore. It’s called Glass Skin Refining Serum from Peach & Lily let’s get into it!

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I never heard of Peach & Lily prior to using this serum. I really only picked it up because I heard of glass skin and thought it would be cool to try one of the products and two it was vegan. The brand itself isn’t a vegan brand but they are cruelty-free🐰 and use ‘clean’ ingredients. If you’re not familiar with glass skin, it’s basically texture, poreless, and blemish-free skin. It sounds like a dream but just being realistic here I just wanted my skin to be a bit clearer, if I did get poreless skin it’d be a dream.

Ok, let’s get into it! The serum comes in a nice little bottle and it wasn’t that bad price wise it was only $20. And a little goes a long way, one pump is good for the entire face. My skin absorbs the serum right away, I’ve had some serums that take forever to absorb into the skin and leaves me feeling…wet if that makes sense. I’ve been using this for about a week now and overall I can see the change in my skin. I definitely look more radiant and my dark spots are lightening up. I never really notice my pores too much throughout the day but the texture of my skin overall looks smoother and more hydrated. I will be exploring this brand a bit more especially if they have more vegan options and I’ll let you guys know if anything changes.

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