Get Back Into Meditating When you Don’t Feel Like It

Get Back Into Meditating When you Don’t Feel Like It

I don’t always feel like meditating. It’s not easy to do it every day or sometimes there’s a lot on your plate that day or let’s be honest today might not be the day. It’s ok, to crave perfection is not human, let yourself be. When you do feel like getting back into meditation and you but you don’t want to sit there for however long try different ways of meditation.

I do walking meditation. I prefer to do it when I’m out walking my dog in the morning. I usually think about my day or just let my mind wander while admiring the beauty of the world. I can’t always just focus on my breath, it doesn’t work for me. The point of my meditation is to find inner peace and to have a deeper understanding of myself. Everyone’s practice is different and that’s fine.

Shortening your meditation time is beneficial as well. I see a lot of people meditate for 30 minutes or more. I don’t see the point of this if I’m honest. If you’re just looking for a daily practice shortening your time to under 20 minutes can make it seem a lot more appealing than doing it for long stretches of time.

Lastly. lower your expectations. Don’t think that every time you meditate that it has to be some groundbreaking experience or you feel your mind open. Sometimes you leave how you came, other times you’re ready to take over the world. The important thing is you showed up to your practice. That’s what matters.

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