Finding Peace In Trying Times

Finding Peace In Trying Times

Hi guys. I’m so happy that you’re here with me and reading my work. I’m am sincerely grateful for your support and I hope you’re healthy and safe. I know with COVID-19 and the riots happening it hard to find any stealness in the madness when you turn on your phone, TV, or even talk to your neighbors it’s on everyone’s lips. I swear 2020 is the craziest year we’ve lived through. We will get through this, and justice will prevail.

Something that I’ve found helpful is keeping busy. If you follow either of my Instagrams you know that I’ve been moving. I finally finished and although it’s been stressful its kept me off my phone. I created a safe and healthy environment in my home. If you have a project that needs to be worked on that you’ve been putting off, now would be the perfect time to dive in to it.

If you’re feeling a call to act, ACT! I personally am a lover not a fighter, but I don’t take shit. If you feel the cause to protest, do that. Spread the word online and make your voice heard. When I tried to cut out social media I felt guilt and shame. Once I started being active on my cause my guilt left and I found my peace. You can donate as well as sign petitions to help. However,if you’re having panic attacks, or getting depressed a break might be just what you need. Listen to your mind and body and do what’s necessary for you.

Remember what ever you’re feeling is VALID. Don’t dismiss your or anyone else’s feelings everyone is dealing with alot right now. Be understanding and sympathetic.

Do calming exercises. Meditate, try yoga, or cook a healthy meal. Communicate with family more or read a book. All these things can help ease tension and take your mind off of everything.

Most importantly remember this is not the end of YOUR STORY. We are in the process of change and many planets are in retrograde. The last time this happened it was also pandemonium! We got through it then and we’ll get through it now. You’re not alone, we’re in this together. ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

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