Fasting For Clarity

Fasting For Clarity

As you guys know or should know I’m on a spiritual journey. I’ve been wandering around aimlessly tittering back and forth in to my vices. Now I’m going to get back on track. My first steps is my diet controlling my eating is always the first thing I do. So I’m going to fast so my body and mind had nothing else to focus on that my journey.

Here’s how I prep. Please note before doing any diet changes, especially fasting, please consult your doctor.

First thing first, I stretch out my meals. So if I eat at 8 in the morning I’ll push it too 8:30 am or 9:00 am. Just as long as I can so I can get used to the feeling of hunger.

After that I gradually lower the amount I eat daily. As to say if I want a bagel I’ll eat half instead the entire thing. During this time I’m drinking as much water as possible and keeping a bathroom near.

Now I move on to skipping meals. Easily breakfast, I hardly eat that anyway. Then the next day lunch and finally dinner.

I continually drink water like my life depends on it, because it does. During this time you want to avoid any junk or alcohol, as well as sweet drinks like soda, or sugary coffee.

I usually don’t go more than 2 days I can even do 3 if I’m determined. I wouldnt push further than th as t without consulting my doctor because when you do go back to food you’ll need to ease in to it. If your body has gone to long it can be extremely difficult to go back to how your normally eat.

Hopefully this was helpful to those who want to fast.

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