Amazingly Shocking Ways Excerise Will Change Your Life

Amazingly Shocking Ways Excerise Will Change Your Life

Besides the typical ways, exercise changes you, it’s so much better than people say. I’m an on and off exerciser. Meaning there are times when I work out almost every day or at least every other day and then -usually when my aunt flow comes around- I stop. I stop and eat whatever I want and don’t start up again until I’m disgusted with my self.  

I usually do high intensity because I can’t really stay invested if it’s not quick and fun. Every time I start I want to kill myself midway through. But then something magical happens when I push through death.  That’s what I’m going to talk about today. 

How Exercise Transforms Your Brain


It Can Make You Get You High…Legally

You know the term runner’s high, yeah you don’t need to be a runner for that to happen. If you do a nice long aerobic exercise you can experience a feeling of euphoria afterward. Your body releases natural cannabis-like endorphins into the bloodstream that help lower your anxiety and minimize the effects of pain on the body. I worked out super hard one day and was on the brink of death, but I pushed through. My mind felt as if it literally opened up and I was able to continue on. The best part though is it last all day so you’re loaded at work and no one can do anything.


You Become Insanely Positive

It’s no lie that exercise can help with depression, probably because you’re high. However, it does really help when you’re in a bad mood and you get up and work towards a goal. It helps take your mind of off the bad, and those with those endorphins working on your brain you’ll definitely feel better. If one of the reasons you’re depressed is your appearance working out can boost your confidence and make of course you’ll look better, Which is always good.


positive thinking

You Get A Larger Perspective On Life.

When you work out and you get high and you get positive suddenly the world doesn’t seem so bad does it? At the end of every work out the instructor usually says something positive and it makes you feel good everyone is happy and it’s just like Yay!

As I said I would work out on and off and now I’m pretty on. I love it and even though I don’t exercise consistently when I do though it’s amazing. I feel amazing and I’ve been working out for like a month now and I think this time, is it. I’ll stick with it. But for real I do enjoy working out it’s fun, refreshing and I’m always glad I did it.

Do you guys work out, how do you feel about it? Tell me in the comments

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