Essentials For A Healthy Bedroom

Essentials For A Healthy Bedroom

At the end of a long day the last thing you want to do is come home to another draining environment. Home should be where all your worries fade away and you at peace. The absolute mecca of relaxation should be your bedroom. It’s your resting place and it should be where you whine down and melt away. In my room my room is my sanctuary, it’s my happy place and when its time to truly relax that’s where I go. There’s a vibe I like to set in my room, in my space, to help me calm down. I’ll share with you.


Always my first rule when it comes to anything that involves clearing your mind and spirit. A cluttered room is the sign of a cluttered mind. To truly have your room ve your safe haven and restore make sure you keep it clean and clear out any bad energy. That way you wont have any issues connecting to yourself.


Plants have a way if making people happy. The color green is known represents tranquility, health and good luck. A simple and east plant by your nearest window helps calm your mind and evoke rest and peace in your space, in your mind and heart.

Soft lighting

That overhead lighting is ok if you’re getting ready for a night out but can be bit of buzzkill when it’s time for bed. Opt for softer lighting like a Himalayan salt lamp. The lamp has great soft lighting to aide in sleep while removing negative toxins and energy.

Candles / incense

Never under estimate a good candle and incense a nice warm smell can instantly put you at ease. Bringing you into a relaxing moment.

Plush comforter

Your bed us the focal point of any room, make yours look more comfortable and cozy for you. Choose a palette that resignates with you and makes you happy and calm.

Art Work That Reflects Your Being

This is your room, your sanctuary. You need something that is the embodiment of you to adorn the walls to make it truly feel like yours. With out it itll never truly be yours because you wont be represented in the room giving it less meaning.

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