Essential Pieces For A Positive Home

Essential Pieces For A Positive Home

Somethings just make a house a home. They fill your home with peace and joy and there are little things that we can put into our space to help amplify the vibration of a home to radiate positive energy and a healing atmosphere.

A Piece Of Art That Signifies Love & Companionship

I know everyone doesn’t have family photos but you should have something in the house to signify that you are loved. Whether it be a family photo, a letter of self-love, a photo of your old high school friends, or just a picture of a pet. Something should hold significance in your heart so when you look at it it brings back good memories.


It’s a saying that Plants make people happy. Nature is known to help with memory, reduce stress and we all know plants purify the air. Why not add some greenery to your home? If you’re not sure where to start or think you might kill the plant read my article about my top beginner plants here.

Something that Inspires You

In my bedroom, I have the first “magazine” cover I drew in 9th grade. I was when I realized what I wanted to be when I grew up. The articles on there are I wouldn’t even right anymore! it’s so humbling and it’s a constant reminder of why I do this, for the love of it. Something like that inspires you to go forward and keep going is absolutely necessary.


Candles tell you a lot. The way the flame dances in the wind tell you how the energy is flowing in the room. They are talking to us. They’re also pretty and help freshen the air in the house. They are the signifiers and the healers. it’s best to have a few throughout the home.

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