How To Emotionaly Purge & Welcome In Good Vibes

How To Emotionaly Purge & Welcome In Good Vibes

it’s officially 2018, please don’t bring any of the 2017 drama with you. Everyone is starting over, why not you? Whether it be a new job or a new outlook on life start off fresh. Let’s start by getting rid of any and all emotional baggage by taking the advice I got from Goop’s Snap with emotional writing.

All you need to do is light a candle in a quiet place and set a timer for 12 minutes. With pen and paper write out any unsolved issue that you haven’t resolved with yourself or with anyone else.
Don’t worry about it being pretty or legible, just let it all out for 12 minutes. Once the timers down drop the pen and ball up whatever you wrote. DON’T READ IT. You just purged all of this negativity out of your mind, don’t put it back in!

The 12 symbolizes the end of a cycle just like the 12 hours of light, or darkness and the 12 months of the year. Your 12 minutes symbolizes the end of you dealing with the negativity of whatever issue you’ve been dealing with.

After, you can write a list of everything you want to invoke into the new year (or in life). Just write down anything you want to produce more of.

After you’re done with the list you should burn them both in the candle. By doing this you release you release these things back into the universe. Start with the negative saying something like ” Dear Universe, I am no longer in need of these emotions, or lessons and I give them back to you.”

And with your invoke list say something along the lines of “Dear Universe I wish to invite these lessons into my life. I hope that with these new lessons that fuel me to become a better person and become more present.”

After this rub your hands together to “wash” away the negativity as well as the positive energy you just released into the world.

With this burning ritual, the key is to release both good and bad energy away from you and to let the universe provide the energy to you freely.

Happy tides to you all!

2 thoughts on “How To Emotionaly Purge & Welcome In Good Vibes

  1. Great post!

    I welcome and keep positive vibes around me by making positivity a lifestyle, not just a resolution. I consistently speak positively and enact positive behavior. That’s how I make things “stick” in my life.

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