Emma Watson Type ‘Self Partnered’? Or Just Hopelessly Single

Emma Watson Type ‘Self Partnered’? Or Just Hopelessly Single

I’m slowly creeping up on 30. As the years wind down to that landmark I realize I have yet to set anything in stone. I mean hell I don’t have a boyfriend, an “adult” career, or even have the stamina for a pet. I feel like this whole 30 thing is a biggish deal. I feel as if I should have some anxiety but honestly, I don’t. I’m not worried about my career quite yet because I remind myself it takes work, and I’m not done. When it comes to a pet I tried and failed but at least I tried right? Yet, when it comes to dating I really can’t come up with a reason why I’m single. Am I hopeless or forcefully self partnered?

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I’ve always been pretty independent. I’m a loner by nature, and introverted so it’s not a shock that I’m still single. I remember when I was younger I was in an argument with my boyfriend at the time and he told me I was too independent. I mean I was raised by Beyonce we weren’t raised to be subservient to men we are Independent women who ain’t sorry. So I don’t know what to tell you. I strongly believe that relationships are optional. So I don’t try too hard to get one honestly. If it happens it happens I guess. Although I do love very hard, I can turn it off very quickly too.

So does that mean I’m happily single? When people say that they are happy and single I think that it’s a stretch. Like when you’re happy you can stay that way for the rest of your life. This is the case for some, but mostly I feel like we’re content and single. Like right now I’m single and content. There are other things that I have my focus on so if I’m single and working it’s fine. However, if I didn’t have anything else going on it would bother me greatly. I mean if I had nothing else happening in my life, why couldn’t I settle down with someone?

When it comes to the whole self partnered thing with Emma Watson, I get it but it’s not my jam. That’s like dating yourself, it’s like saying you’re single and not interested in dating. Because you’re self partnered you’re focused just on yourself and not looking or anything. I can’t get with that either because I’m open to dating and if I claim to be dating myself it takes it off the table. What’s a girl to do?

Why do we have all these new labels anyway? Self partnered, I’m dating myself why can’t we just be single and find with it? Is calling yourself self partnered just a way to sugarcoat the word single? When did single become a bad word anyway? I’m single. Period. That’s it! No self partnered, not hopelessly single, not self-focused, just single. And that’s ok. It’s ok to be single ladies embrace it and when you find someone worth your time then you can just be together. That’s it, honey. I’m single and content.

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