Easily Organize ANY Sized Bathroom

Easily Organize ANY Sized Bathroom

The bathroom is easily the hardest thing to organize. There are so many things we use every day that it’s hard to know where too put them. When I moved into both my apartments and neither one of them had a linen closet. I always grew up with linen closets so switching over was a bit challenging like straight cold turkey, but that’s city life right?

At my first place I had literally no idea what to do. Everything was every where and it wasn’t until I was about to move out that I started to get the hang of it. Now that I’m in my next shoe box, I love it even though I still have no linen closet( are they becoming a thing of the past?, or are they only in houses) . In this place I have still no storage for the bathroom but I got the hang of it this is how.

How I Organize My Bathroom


You have to get rid of all the things that don’t bring you joy ( so sayeth Marie Kondo). But seriously that hair spray that leaves your hair white and flaky needs to go. Basically, anything that you haven’t used in forever or you don’t like then you need toss it.

Zone & Lable

You don’t have to label it if you don’t want to but don’t have everything in one spot have designated areas. Like don’t store your toothbrush in the shower you don’t -usually- brush your teeth in there. Put all your shower stuff in there ( body wash, loofah etc). Create designated areas for certain products so you won’t have to search around for everything.

Keep The Stuff You Use Everyday Easily Avaiable

Your toothbrush, hairbrush, moisturizer, etc in a place that’s easily accessible. Like your medicine cabinet or a tray on your counter.

Maximize Your Space

I wish I did this in my last place but really use up as much space as possible. If you can drill shelves do it like a shelf over the door but I’m too short. You can also just get an over the door rack. I recently bought over the toilet storage unit for the bathroom and it has been a lifesaver! You can store so many things on that shelf and it looks so neat and tidy when you do it.

Keep it consistant

Do a color pattern or have a theme. Doesn’t have to be a huge extravagant thing but something to keep it all in check. For example if you’re storing everything in boxes then keep all the same type of boxes, if you’re hanging everything then hang it all etc.

Yeah so those are ways that I keep my bathroom organize. I think the best tip is about purging. I usually end up trying out one product and if I don’t like it I throw it under the sink and forget about it. Then I run out of space. So don’t forget to throw out the things you don’t need.

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