Easily Erase All Toxic Energy In Your Life (5 Steps)

Easily Erase All Toxic Energy In Your Life (5 Steps)

This year has already been a whirlwind and it just started! From what’s going on in my personal life, to what’s happening everywhere else it’s exhausting. We sometimes unintentionally carry that energy around with us. We start feeling tired, anxious, and irritated with no explanation to why. This is the negative energy taking a toll on us. We need to clear away that energy in order to function properly and keep our vibrations high. That’s what I’m here to share with you today.


When I was going through everything my life felt as if it were a mess. I stopped grooming, stopped cleaning, talking to people, all my usual habits went out the window. I felt down and out and even after taking sometime away. I was still out of it. I realized it wasn’t just me it was my surroundings, Here are someways I cleared my space and got my mind right.

First clean up a bit.

Your space is a reflection of your mind. If your space is chaotic then chances are your mind is too. It’s always relaxing and more comfortable to be in a tidy space. Even if it’s just picking up your clothes or rinsing out the tub it’ll help you feel better.

Then Take a Shower.

Taking a cleansing bath or shower helps is cleansing in multiple ways. Not only is it relaxing it helps wash away the stress and the dirt of the day. If you want to do a full cleansing bath that’s always helpful.

Treat yourself.

Get yourself some flowers or go shopping if you enjoy it. Just do something nice for yourself that your thoroughly enjoy this typically will cheer you up and put you in good spirits.

Hug A Baby or A Pet

Pet’s usually have good loving energy and tend to be happy to see you. Having that energy

Lastly sage & meditate

Sage itself clears out any toxic energy that may linger. Remember to say a blessing while clearing to awaken the good energy then meditate and bask in it.

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