Double Cleanse: The Perfect Skin Secret Weapon

Double Cleanse: The Perfect Skin Secret Weapon

If you don’t know I love skincare. I’ve been hearing about double cleansing for a while now but never thought to really try it. I mean I cleanse and exfoliate almost every night so what’s the difference? Little did I know it would literally change my life.

has anyone mastered the mask-selfie?

Before we get into it lets learn about double cleansing, what is it?

Double Cleansing according to the DermStore Double Cleansing is a method of washing your face twice; first with an oil-based cleanser then a water-based cleanser.

The benefit of double cleansing is having the added benefit of removing all your makeup and oil from your skin removed. This reminds me of the Korean Skincare routine that I did a while back. I never used the oil-based cleanser because I use witch hazel to remove my make up, so I don’t really understand why I need the oil.

An oil-based cleanser is good but it’s not so much for me. So when I double cleanse I use my Aveeno daily cleanser and I love it. I don’t feel to dry after I use it either.

When I double cleanse I don’t exfoliate, because it would dry out my skin too much. But enough about what I use, you want to know about what happened to my skin! Well, overall my larger pores ‘shrunk’ my skin feels so toned and moisturized. While I still have my dark spots they aren’t as noticeable as they once were, My scaley skin is way smoother and I don’t have as many dry spots. This could also be part of my moisturizing routine, I follow this religiously.

I’ve limited my foundation wear which helps a lot because I don’t regularly wash my brushes (don’t judge) so the breakouts are limited. I will say I love my skin but I do wish my eyebrows were a bit more lush but that’s an easy fix.

How do you guys care for your skin? Would you do double cleanse?

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