DIY Tea Bath Salts

DIY Tea Bath Salts

It’s no secret I love taking baths! When I saw this tutorial on making your own bath salts with tea I knew it was time for business. I wont waste any time I’ll tell you what I did.

Get your supplies ready!

  • Unscented epsom salt
  • Essential oil (of your choice)
  • Tea
  • A bottle &bowl
  • Optional herbs

You want to use the 4 to 1 ratio rule but I kind of went a stray. I used 4 cups of Epsom salt, 2 stalks of lemon grass, 2 tea bags, and 20 drops of lemon grass essential oil.

I chose lemon grass because it’s great stress reliever, has healing properties and smells amazing! I also have a lemon grass plant that I took the stalks off and chopped a few of them in there.

I combined all the ingredients and stirred evenly.once it was nice and mixed I stored it in a empty bottle I had and voila! I have my very own healing bath salts! Literally takes two minutes to make and you’ll have forever. I think next time I’m going to make a sleepy time one with lots of lavender then a sick day one with eucalyptus once I get a plant. I’ll show you those as well.

Would you ever try this DIY? Or have you already made one? Let me know in the comments I’m interested to hear what combos you guys did.

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