Curbing Your Negative Thoughts

Curbing Your Negative Thoughts

How many times have you been going to bed or getting ready to work and your brain goes “Hey remember in 5th grade when you called your teacher mom?” And now your body is replaying the emotional and personal trauma you felt and you cant manage to stop it? I know it can be a struggle to silence those voices. I’ll give you a trick that has worked for me in the past.

Essentially I use two methods, ask myself why and tell myself to stop. I know it sounds like common sense but I’ll explain.

The Why Method

When an involuntary memory comes into my mind sometimes it makes me sad and it triggers my depression. Once I get into that thought process it’s so hard to dig myself out, I remember it along with my thought that it makes me go deeper into it. I can’t stand it. Knowing that I ask myself why? Like, why am I thinking this knowing that it will trigger a downward spiral? What is my end goal with this? Not only does this cancel out the bad thoughts but it also makes me think about what actually triggered those thoughts. By doing this I can work on my real issues not just shutting down the memory.

Next, is the Shut Up Method.

This is method is really for those memories that I can’t really do anything about. For example, those memories of me doing something bad or not reacting to a situation the same way I would now. I have to tell myself that I was young I didn’t know. I believe this is the time of tough love is in order only because there’s no rhyme or reason to relive something like that. You can’t fix it, there’s no real rational reason behind it so you just have to look in the mirror and tell yourself STFU.

These are methods that help me, I’m just sharing my experience. Taking my mind off the negative thoughts focusing on the real issues at hand and telling myself that its ok or to shut up is ideal for me. I wonder what works for you. tell me in the comments.

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