Creating A Compost In A Small Apartment

Creating A Compost In A Small Apartment

I’ve always been interested in composting. Partly because I garden and I would love to have a instant source of soil and I feel a little guilty throwing out my scraps after I’m done cooking. In my head I’m like “but can’t I just regrow these?” When no I can not. So I’m thinking what can I do? Compost, duh.

What is compost?

Compost is an organic matter that has been decomposed in a process called composting. It’s a process that recycles organic materials and waste products and produces a soil conditioner.

This soil is so jam packed with nutrients its perfect for gardening and making your plant babies grow!

But…What’s in my compost?

Dirt mainly and worms. Red worm and red wigglers are the best because they love the compost environment. Maybe some other bugs may wonder through.

Kitchen scraps like vegetables and fruit. You don’t want to add chicken bones, or meat because of the smell and hygienic reasons in general.

How do I do it?

So, to start you’ll need a clay pot or plastic bin. You can find it at almost any gardening store.

Poke holes in it for ventilation and allow water to drain. Make sure to place a tray underneath to catch it all.

Be sure to keep the compost in a cool sunny place inside or outside your place.


On to the fun part, getting your hands dirty.

Cut strips of news paper and soak them in water. Use half the strips to coat the bottom of the bin pour soil on top and add the worms. How many worms depends on how big the container is.

Now you may insert the scraps such as egg shells, fruits, vegetables, paper, tea bags, coffee,filters, cardboard and leaves.


Do not add plastic, animal waste, citrus, meat, bones, or dairy.

?Remember ? Everytime you add some compost you add a layer of soak paper strips.

If you want to accelerate the decomposition you can turn the compost every few weeks.

You can add more soil if it’s getting dry, but it’s not necessary. It does however keep the black flies and fruit flies at bay while accelerating the decomposition process. You only need a little bit think 1 1/2 handfuls.

Happy Composting! Let me know of you have any questions or concerns in the comments or my Instagram & Twitter @off4thandgraham

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