Upgrade Your Nightly Ritual


At the end of the day, it’s always nice to take a great relaxing bath to unwind. It’s good to have a nightly ritual because it calms your brain down and creates a calming environment. If you don’t have a ritual then I suggest you create one, I’ll show you how.

It’s Better At Night 

A routine is great at any time,  I prefer mine at night, simply because my nights are less hectic than my mornings. However, at night its calmer and my day is over and I can enjoy it more. 

Wash Off Your Makeup(Face)

When you’re tired, you’re tired. Sometime after you’re done your routine you just want to go to bed and you run the risk of forgetting to wash your face or clean your makeup off. So if it’s the first thing you do, you don’t have to worry.

Work Out A Little

Most people don’t work at a job where they’re on their feet. It’s good to move your body because it helps with your sleep, releases frustration, and you get in shape. Even 20 minutes can do wonders. I promise if you work out 20 minutes for a week you’ll see a difference in your life overall.

Take A Calming Shower

My favorite way to take a shower s by candlelight while listening to underwater sounds. It’s the most calming thing ever. Then you moisturize with a nice creamy lotion and tuck into a big plush robe then…

Take A Sip Of Tea

Chamomile tea in a nice robe while watching a little bit of late night TV is the best thing. I used to unwind with a glass of wine, but it doesn’t relax you nearly as much. Plus no added calories.



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