Cockroach Milk: The Grossest and Best Thing For You

Cockroach Milk: The Grossest and Best Thing For You
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When it comes to wellness the last thing that you think is cockroaches would be good for you. Well, you’re in for a shock cockroach milk is the latest health drink that has the biggest benefit on your health.

What Is Cockroach?

As the name suggests it’s milk that comes from a cockroach. Not just any cockroach that you see just crawling around but from the Hawaiian Pacific Beetle that has protein crystals and amino acids. (Insider)

How Do They Get The Milk?

According to, the milk is crystallized inside the embryos guts. They would put the filter paper in the brood sac for the embryos and after a while, you take it out and you’ll have the milk.

Cockroach Milk


How is it Superfood?

The protein crystals are a complete food they have protein, fats, and sugars, as well all the amino acids we need to have our bodies performing at peak efficiency. Its also time released protein so it keeps you fuller longer and very calorie dense.

Is It Safe?

From my research, not really. There’s simply not enough research to know if those crystals are toxic so for now, we’ll have to wait.

I don’t know if mentally I’m ready to see roach milk in Trader Joe’s but I would try a very little bit of it if they didn’t tell me what it was .I’d probably gag once I knew. Would you try it?

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