Clearing And Recharging Crystals 101

Clearing And Recharging  Crystals 101

I know when you get your new crystals you’re so excited to use them. Before you do anything you need to make sure you clean and clear any negative energy they might have picked up along the way. Not sure how or just want to do it as quickly as possible? I got you, girl.

Cleansing Options

Filtered Water– Scrub Crystals Under Running Water

Salt Water–  Use Himalayan Salt Mixed With Water leave overnight

Salt – Bury Crystals in sea salt or Himalayan Pink Salt. The salt traps the impurities in the salt.


Brown Rice– Bury Crystals and Leave Overnight.

Earth – Bury Crystals In Earth.

Rainfall & Thunderstorms – Leave crystals Out in the

Breath– Blow on crystals with a purifying breath.

Now that there clean Lets Recharge.

Energize Crystals

Leave them in sunlight or under the moonlight to recharge.

Leaving them buried in the Earth cleanses and recharges them.

Sit Crystals in drinking water for 10-20 minutes.

But keep in mind crystals also energize themselves with natural human contact.

Programming Crystals

Make sure before you program your crystals that you’ve cleared the area of all negative energy by using a smudge stick or incense.

Now sit quietly away from any distractions or strong electrical devices. Hold the crystal in front of you clear your mind and focus on the stone.

Cleanse the crystal with white light and focus on driving the specific energy that you want to program in the stone, and transmit that thought and energy into the stone.

Make sure you’re clear and direct and don’t confuse the stone with so many energy and thoughts at once. Continue this exercise until you’re satisfied.


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