Here’s How To Deal With Stress At Work and Home


Stress is one of the top killers in the world, it can lead to many more issues both mentally and physically. Hopefully, that intro didn’t stress you out more but helped you realize that you need to get it under control. It’s not always easy especially if you worry a lot, but with a little help […]


5 Ways To Find Your Peace After You Lost Your Mind


Have you ever sat down at the end of the day and wondered what you did that day? You know you’ve gotten a few things accomplished, but you’re just not sure what it was. Often times we go through the world in a daze, so focused on getting the task done that we don’t actually […]


Try This : Mantra Meditation


There are so many different ways to meditate it’s astonishing. Today I wanted to talk to you about mantra meditation. Mantra Meditation is repeating a sacred word, phrase, or short affirmation aloud or in your head. I see mantra meditation as a sort of self hypnosis, in your relax state you’re training your mind to […]


Why You Need Affirmations


When it comes to a temper/attitude people say I have a bad one. I noticed I had become a negative person,almost toxic. In order to get back to a more positive vibe I’ve started saying affirmations. What are Affirmations? Affirmations are phrases or sentencing that offer emotional support or encouragement. Think of them as little […]


Creating A Calming Place

Home, Living, Spirituality

As you (will) come to know I like to keep my home peaceful. It’s my sanctuary and I intend to keep it that way. Negative energy has a way of sticking with you and the last thing you want to do is come home at the end of a long day to a negative home. […]


Mood Board: Be The Light


Over the past few days, like a week and some change, I have been in the worst mood. Like really bad, I’ve had negative thoughts and have even turned some of those thoughts into actions. That’s not like me, it’s not the “me” I want to be. While we all should accept ourselves for who we […]


Best Crystals for Beginners


When it comes to crystals healing it’s pretty hard to know what to get and even harder to stop. But everything that starts off difficult is worth the work for a huge payoff and I’m here to help guide you through the confusing world of crystals.   In this article, I will tell you what crystals […]


Top 10 Ways To Practice Self Care


It’s about 4 months into the new year, how have your year of self-care? We all get caught up in life and something or kinda fall off and forget. No worries I’m here to get you back on track here are some ways to get back on track. Break Away From The Distractions – To fully […]


Make The Best Of An Awful Situation


  I enjoy night over day. Days are too busy and hectic and filled with things to do and places to be. At night, however, its always about enjoyment or relaxation. Time goes by very smoothly and calmly at night you can really focus on your thoughts and priorities. As I walk up the stair to […]


Clearing And Recharging Crystals 101


I know when you get your new crystals you’re so excited to use them. Before you do anything you need to make sure you clean and clear any negative energy they might have picked up along the way. Not sure how or just want to do it as quickly as possible? I got you, girl. Cleansing […]