Old Habits Die Hard

Sex & Relationships

They always come in the night. Like predators on the hunt looking for their prey. They smell your scent and eyes are locked. They know you’re weak they know you’re willing even if its just for the moment. They are THE EX’S (classic horror scream). How is it that no matter how far or how […]


Why You Need To Stop Cutting People Off

Sex & Relationships

I follow alot of wellness Instagrams at least twice a day they’re going on about cutting people off. While yes if someone is toxic you should probably leave, but leaving them is not always the answer. I know I’m sort of the pot calling the kettle black but hear me out. I used to be […]


How To Know You’ve Found Mister Wrong

Sex & Relationships

I’ve had my fair share of good relationships when it ended it was mutual and no one was heart-broken. Then there are those bad ones that you know are just bad and you knew it was bad from the jump. There are always tell-tell signs that this guy is not Mr. Right and this is […]


Queen Men pt2: Hard Eye Roll

Sex & Relationships

You guys remember that guy who I went on that ONE DATE with like a few weeks ago? If not check out this post and catch up. I honestly thought after I told him I wasn’t interested he would vanish. No he didn’t. So I have a really bad habit of not saving numbers. You […]


Why I Avoid “Queen” Men

Sex & Relationships

Do you know those guys that slide into your DM and git you with that “How are you beautiful queen?” line? My eyes literally roll and it’s a guaranteed way to get me not to respond. Just say hi like a normal person and let’s keep it moving. I’ve always considered the use of a […]


Moving Up and Moving In

Sex & Relationships

Something weird is happening in my life. I’m slowly coming around to letting my old flame move in. I’ve toyed with the idea when I was madly in like with him of course, I was into it. After toying with thoughts about getting serious back and forth in my mind I come to the conclusion. […]


Fool Me Once Shame On You

Living, Sex & Relationships

Don’t you hate it when you finally decide to swallow your pride and give somebody a second chance and it backfires? Even though part of you tells yourself that it’s a bad idea you just throw caution to the wind and try to live your best life. It usually doesn’t end up like that. I […]


Just Like That Its Over

Living, Sex & Relationships

Something funny about me I’m a day-dreaming realist. I will run away in my own dream but once I’m out of that state of euphoria I get in my head and talk myself out of it. Let me explain. Remember when I was super in love like 3 days ago? If not, catch up here […]