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A Travel Guide 72 hours In Myrtle Beach

..::This is my travelogue::..

I finally made it down to the beach this year! I literally haven’t been since I was maybe 16 years old. Crazy I know, but life happens, so my sisters and I decided it was time for a trip!

We stayed at the Hilton Grand Vacation Club Anderson Ocean Club (whew!). The view from the room was amazing  I had a great view of the beach from the balcony. You could walk out of the resort and be right on the beach. Every morning we would wake up and overlook the beach marveling at its beauty.

During the day we mostly relaxed at the beach collecting sea shells and soaking up some sun.

When it was time to eat we had to go to a seafood place right? I mean we’re by the ocean. The concierge was a great help and recommend Hook and Barrel, a great wine and seafood bar right down the road.

I had the pan seared scallops in a creamy corn sauce. It was mouthwatering if I could have 2 plates I would have, but alas I couldn’t.

The next day we went to the Wild Water and Wheels water park which was included in our hotel price(score!). I haven’t been to a water park in years and it looked lot different then I remembered. In the sense, I didn’t want to get in the water. But I couldn’t resist the temptation of the water slides! Too bad they closed at 5 ūüėĘ but I’ll live.

That night we went to Crocodile Rocks Dueling Piano Bar for drinks and atmosphere. The musicians were crazy talented and we kept the drinks flowing within reason, I mean a girl gotta get home, doesn’t she? But I could have listened all night. We¬†ubered back to my room and slept silently on the freshly made bed as I wondered why don’t I have housekeeping at home?

Last day turned in to something a bit more relaxing. For breakfast, we headed to Donalds Pancake House. Their food is truly the definition of home cooked. I had the Mexican Skillet, it’s definitely not for the faint of heart with fresh jalapenos peppers but it’s was worth every spicy bite. The hash browns and eggs have you ready to take a nice nap afterward and relax by at the beach which we did.

It’s definitely a place for friends and family alike. This was my first trip and it was perfect, I couldn’t ask for it to be any better.

Full disclosure I forgot to take picture at some places so I had to take some from big brother Google
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Create Your Own Indoor Jungle


Jungalow isn’t just a fun new twist on the word bungalow. It’s a crazy fun lifestyle full of prints, colors, and plants…lots of plants so sayeth Justina Blakeney the creator of the jungalow vibe.

I’m not necessarily one for the color, but I am here for the plants. I love the little garden I’ve created in my tiny apartment, it’s the main focal point in my living room. Right now it’s pretty much the only focal point since I want new art. Anyway, I always loved plants and I wasn’t sure that I could keep one alive though. I found a few that I was able to keep alive they’re pretty easy.

Aloe Vera

My first baby, ‚̧ I felt as if I don’t tend to it as much as I should but it has grown so large that it turns out you don’t¬†really need to do anything but water it once a week and provided decent¬†sunlight.

Lucky Bamboo

This plant is one that is easy to care for too there’s¬†really no maintenance you can forget to water it and it still grows. Just be careful when you water it if there’s chlorine in the water then the leaves will turn yellow, it’s not dangerous so don’t worry.

Golden Pothos

This is a good¬†one if you don’t want the big plant look without the big plant care. It grows long in a matter of months I think I’ve only had this one for about 3 months. It’s more of an intermediate plant you have to water and fertilize it every now and again.

A Catus

Really any cactus will do just don’t water it too much this is a plant you can honestly forget about for a month or two and it’ll be fine, just don’t over water.

Snake Plants

This plant barely needs light, I say barely because every plant needs light. But as long as it gets a little ( like in the back corner of a well-lit room ) it’ll be fine. I will say it grows slow, I haven’t¬†seen much change in mine.

Pink Angel

I really wanted some color in my little place plus I saw a ton of pink plants on Instagram and thought I want one! The reason why these plants are so easy is really just the fact they tell you when to water them by fainting. I’ve forgotten a few times and when I did water it after it fainted it popped right back up like nothing happened.

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Top Popsugar Workouts That’ll Have Your Sweating

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

I love working up a good sweat, and to prepare for my vacation in August I decided to kick my workouts into overdrive!

Walk in Popsugar fitness I absolutely love this YouTube channel Anna (who’s currently on pregnancy leave) is my gal! She works out with you not just yells to keep going.

The girls get tired when I get tired and I can see the sweat. That’s what keeps me going, if they can do this so can Iūüí™ūüŹĺ. Also, every work out comes with a modification that still burns.

Here are the top workouts you should try


Screenshot 2018-07-28 at 10.05.58 AM - Edited

30 Minute Tabata Session 

This work out is high intensity and fun! Well the work out itself is not but Ranier gets you up and motivated to feel like you’re not working out (almost). They also have modifications if you’re not up for jumping.

Screenshot 2018-07-28 at 9.24.41 AM - Edited

Burn 400 Calories in 40 Minutes 

Ok, this workout is just torcher, so much so that Anna forgets her lace at one point. The girls are tired, you’re tired, everyone’s sick of the workout but your body will love you for it. IT challenges you and you’ll be laughing throughout.

Screenshot 2018-07-28 at 9.30.29 AM - Edited

Muffin Top Work Out

This one is new to me but I try to do it every morning, I get a pretty good burn and I always feel my obliques the next day. I love it! The workouts are challenging and fun. It burns and fires up your abs and booty till it burns.

Screenshot 2018-07-28 at 9.49.17 AM - Edited

30 minute Fat Burning Cardio Sculpting Workout

During this entire work out, Jeanette Jenkins continuously says ” I play no games!” and she means it. There was no downtime or rest you worked out. I only did this work out once and my body was sore for two days, like stiff sore. It’s good to the point of almost being too good.

Screenshot 2018-07-28 at 9.56.01 AM - Edited

30 Minute Calorie Burning Tabata Style HIIT Work out

This is the workout that really kick-started it all with best friend in my head Rainer. To me, this one is a bit lighter than the first one I mentioned but it’s good if you want to get into interval training but haven’t worked out in forever!

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When And How To Do A Social Media Detox

Credit Genius

Hi my name is Kim and I’m addicted to social media. I’m probably on my phone all day everyday just scrolling mindlessly. I’ve logged alot of hours just scrolling through my phone in the morning not getting up making breakfast or my morning work out in.

Not to mention at night when I plan on going to bed early but lay down and stare at my phone for hours. One night I was up til 4 am on Instagram not doing a damn thing. I’ve honestly gotten bored seeing the same old thing and i still go on it. Besides that..

  • I’ve missed social plans I’ve set because I’ve lost track of time.
  • Life outside of social media seems duller.
  • I don’t go out to enjoy time out, I think about posting the moment.
  • I’m so easily distracted its not even funny
  • And I get depressed because I’m not on some people’s level (or the level they show they’re on).

If you’re having these symptoms too I encourage you to detox with me.

Just so we have full disclosure, in order for you to see this post I obviously need to share on social media. So I’ve only given myself a short window to post then hop off.

Seeing how I’m an addict though I’m going to try to stay on their long that’s why I have methods to help me.

Method.01. The Warm Turkey (what I’m using)

For when you want to go offline but you just can’t seem to pull yourself all the way off. I’m using app detox (android) to set a timer for me. I have time to post and share that’s it. Any comments or messages will have to wait til the next day.

This is the layout to app detox, simply put you select an app tell it when to use it then youre done.

If you want nothing to do with social media at all yet can’t seem to put the phone down. Might I suggest…

Method.02. The Cold Turkey?

You’re done. You’re over the negativity, the cyber bullying, the Photoshop all of it. It’s time to end this! Instead of just uninstalling the apps (cause you can redownload them) try again app detox (this isn’t a sponsored post its just the app I use). You can set a rule saying you never want to use this app and whenever you try to open said app it blocks you with some bogus quote telling you not to use it.

You could also try

Method.03. The Freezing Turkey

That’s when you ditch your phone all together. Block yourself from going on any social media site through your laptop via a proxy and switch back to a land line. That’s a bit hardcore but hey do you boo.

Remember to unplug and live life it goes by fast. Even in the videos you see online, the people having the most fun aren’t on their phones.

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Creating A Calming Place

As you (will) come to know I like to keep my home peaceful. It’s my sanctuary and I intend to keep it that way. Negative energy has a way of sticking with you and the last thing you want to do is come home at the end of a long day to a negative home.

Keep it clean not only is it more appealing it keeps out foul smells and allows energy to flow.

Smudge your home after a negative person.

Incense is your friend and it’s a good way to cleanse your home as well.

Vocalize positivity keep negative silent. Pretend you’re around a two-year-old who repeats everything they hear. You don’t want them learning how to angry curse from you. Keep it light.

Photo: pintrest

Design your home with things that remind you of peace. Like a water feature or a Buddha statue. Plants have really helped me be calm every time I see them I smile.

Use colors that make you smile.

And lastly practice feng shui to create positive energy, I didn’t believe it until i started moving my things around and i did feel an energy shift.

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How To Style Sting Lights Like An Ault

As you’re well aware by now I’ve moved into a new apartment finally! By the time I left my old place, I only had one working¬†lamp and wasn’t interested in shopping for a new one. I already had 3 rows of LED lights at my disposal and didn’t want to toss them.

I put them up quickly in my room to have some light. As I watched their beautiful glow from my bed I wondered am I too old for this? I know I’m by no means old but I’m too old for the lights? Maybe I should get some adult lighting. But I really didn’t want¬†to get a lamp, I don’t have much floor space and I really wanted a softer feel in my room.

So I googled to see if there’s some way to use my string lights in a more¬†mature way. I found some serious LED lights for my string light lovers on Pintrest¬†and Instagram.

It looks like the key is what you surround the lights with.

Go for more natural colors and try to avoid making the lights the focal point of the room.

Pretty simple right? I’ll show you guys in a later post what I did but here’s¬†where I got my inspo.

A post shared by Bohemian Decor (@bohemiandecor) on

A post shared by Bohemian Decor (@bohemiandecor) on


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The Best Feng Shui For Bed And Living Room



When I moved into my new place I wanted to be sure of one thing the energy constantly flows and we welcome in good vibes. Not to easy when the move its self can be frustrating but we made do. Prior to moving, I searched relentlessly on the best way to feng shui for smaller apartments and I smudged the place thoroughly, letting it air our overnight. When move-in day came I made sure that everything was placed accordingly.

Feng Shui Rules

Living Room

You should be able to see your front door from your couch. The coach¬†should be on the opposite¬†wall of the door but if it’s not possible, use the mirror.

Place coach a few inches away from the wall to help with the flow of energy. It also helps the room look a little bigger.

Keep it clutter free, clear out the mail, take out the trash. Remove the toxicity of it all.

Plants in the east attract health

Family photo in a metal frame on the west wall brings luck


Again you should be able to see the door from the bed if you can’t use a mirror.

The mirror shouldn’t¬†face the bed if at all possible, especially¬†if you’re¬†in a relationship, it puts another person in your bed. If you’re single it gives off anxious energy¬†when you sleep.

Make your bed. It feels better at the end of the day and it makes you feel motivated and organized.

Open your blinds it lets in natural light. Natural light helps freshen the room up and fills the room up with positivity.

Keep it clutter free.

IF at all possible keep electronics out of your room they can drain energy and disrupt sleep.

Avoid laying your bed up against the wall, place it a few inches away from the wall. That way the energy flows through the room, also a lot easier for another party to get in and out of bed.

Avoid putting your bed directly in front of the door this way there’s no negative¬†energy can¬†affect your sleep.

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What is Hygge and Why You Need It

credit GAFF Interiors

So if you’ve never heard of Hygge yet let me give you a rough explanation.

Hygge is the art of building a sanctuary and inviting closeness and paying attention to what makes us feel open-hearted and alive.

Hygge is a great meditative practice because it provides a warm welcoming place where you can find peace and harmony.

Now how do you create such a place? You already have the pieces you need at home you just have to set it up.

Create atmosphere. Dim the lights, light some candles or incense to welcome in the peace.

Turn of distractions (presence)like your phone or your computer. Basically, anything that can take you out of that moment, turn it off.

Treat yourself (pleasure) have some chocolate, some tea, chips. Whatever is your little bit of happy now is your time to enjoy.

Spread the Love (Equality) share the welcoming space with a friend or family member.

Give Thanks (Gratitude ) take it all in and enjoy the present moment. Be thankful for this time.

Remember the peace( Harmony) take a break from being overly hospitable just be liked and enjoy.

(Comfort) get cozy in your PJs, put on your face mask and relax.

Are you seeing a theme here?

No drama (truce) now is not the time to hash anything out or settle disputes. Keep the conversations light.

(Togetherness) Have healing conversations that reinforce closeness and strengthen your relationship

Make sure you feel protected (shelter), strong, and safe in the space you chose so you can truly be at ease.

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My Green Machine Detox Smoothie

Green smoothie, wellness, health, kale,

I don’t always eat enough veggies. I know its bad but I’m a busy girl and I dont always cook. So I made this quick smoothe to make sure i get my greens in. It can also act as a meal replacement.

Hand full of chopped spinach

and a handful of kale

1 chopped banana

1/2 cup of water

1/2 cup of almond milk

And chia seeds (I add my next step protein powder its an appetite suppressant )

Put it all in a blender and set to blend til desired consistency.