My Unusually Delicious Cheat Day at Sushi Guru

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I’m a bit of a foodie. I like to try new food and interesting takes on the food. It’s a perk and itll be my downfall,which is why I always try to move around. Anyway I heard there was a place in my area called Sushi Guru that serves a sushi donut. Since it was […]


Why Is Everyone’s First Time A Horror Show?


Ok, so I’m currently watching a short video about a girl losing her virginity and how horrible and unlike the movies it really is. I couldn’t help but reflect on my first time. Just like the girl in the video it wasn’t exactly what I expected. It wasn’t so much about the person but the […]


Preparing A Detox After Vacation


So I’m just getting back from a boozing vacay and I feel awesomely bloated. I drank fizzy drinks and ate bread it was amazing. I really did try to stay as close to my diet as I could in the beginning but you only live once right? Now I’m bloated, gassy and full of delicious, […]


Helpful Tips To You Help Break Out Of Your Depression Spell


According to Healthline, there are an estimated 16.2 million people suffering from depression in the US. There are many different types of Depression such as postpartum that happens after giving birth as well as bipolar that results in manic episodes or extreme energy. While it’s common to be sad from time to time Major depression […]


Amazing Protein Smoothie For Weight Loss #GetFit

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I’m meal prep lover you only cook once a week and people praise you for it. It’s amazing. On my journey, I heard a lot about protein smoothie. I tried it before and I didn’t care for it. I never found a recipe that I liked, so I stopped. I but now I want something […]