Beyonce ‘s Dietitian Spills Her Diet Secrets

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It’s a well known fact Beyonce works hard and gives her all into everything. She is a force to be reckoned with and does everything to the fullest, why wouldn’t her diet be the same? Today we find out the 22 diet rules she lives by to keep her body right. We all know Beyonce […]


My Unusually Delicious Cheat Day at Sushi Guru

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I’m a bit of a foodie. I like to try new food and interesting takes on the food. It’s a perk and itll be my downfall,which is why I always try to move around. Anyway I heard there was a place in my area called Sushi Guru that serves a sushi donut. Since it was […]


Amazing Protein Smoothie For Weight Loss #GetFit

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I’m meal prep lover you only cook once a week and people praise you for it. It’s amazing. On my journey, I heard a lot about protein smoothie. I tried it before and I didn’t care for it. I never found a recipe that I liked, so I stopped. I but now I want something […]


Best Pho Recipe To Keep Your Stomach Flat and Full

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I’m still discovering a new palette when it comes to food. The hardest part about expanding your taste palette is when you try new food while keeping your wallet and waistline happy. I recently discovered Pho. What it Pho? Pho is a traditional Vietnamese street food containing broth, rice noodles and your choice of meat […]


Cockroach Milk: The Grossest and Best Thing For You

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When it comes to wellness the last thing that you think is cockroaches would be good for you. Well, you’re in for a shock cockroach milk is the latest health drink that has the biggest benefit on your health. What Is Cockroach? As the name suggests it’s milk that comes from a cockroach. Not just […]


#GetYourLife: How To Start Intermediate Fasting

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“Please note I’m not a health care professional, I’m hardly a fitness blogger. This is simply how I got ready.”   So you want to stat intermediate fasting huh? Well, so did I but I had no idea what it was, or really how to do it. I did a lot of research and got […]


My Green Machine Detox Smoothie

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I don’t always eat enough veggies. I know its bad but I’m a busy girl and I dont always cook. So I made this quick smoothe to make sure i get my greens in. It can also act as a meal replacement. Hand full of chopped spinach and a handful of kale 1 chopped banana […]