Life Update!!


Hey guys, it’s me, Kim coming back with a vengeance. I was actually out on a mental health leave and need to take a break and focus on me. As you may as well know I do have depression and anxiety. I had a really bad episode on night and relapsed bad. I had to […]


My Detox For When You Just Feel Gross


We all have those days where we just feel blah. Maybe you drank too much, just came off your cycle, or binged on way too much fast food. Or maybe you’re like me and dis all three. I’m not perfect but who is? Everyone has those days and its important not to beat yourself up […]


6 Plants Even The Worst Plant Killers Can’t Kill


Plants are the perfect way to add color to your life and decor. Its been scientifically proven that plants make people happy – but what if you’re no good with plants? Don’t worry, I might love plants but I’m not always the best plant mommy. I’ve got some sturdy plants! If I can keep my […]


Style Notebook: Jessica Alba attends the Golden Globes


Who: Jessica Alba Where: InStyle Golden Globes After Party Wearing: An AMAZING Dress by J.Mendel and Jimmy Choo Pumps. Why I Love It: it’s a fun look with a classic twist! I love the fringe on the dress and it fits her perfectly. Her matching Chandelier earrings girl it a nice playful vibe hidden behind […]


At Night At Red @ 28th


It’s a rarity that I go out at all. Between work, bills and any other financial obligations( aka eating and shopping) I never have time or money. This month, however, my horoscope told me my social calendar will be off the charts and who am I to argue with the stars? I’m out to meet […]


4 Little Ways You Can Go Green


Living in a city, it can be hard to live a greener lifestyle. Although it will be hard, it’s not impossible! 1. Walk/or bus it when you can Im not overly ambitious but if you can walk somewhere go for it. It’s a nice work out and you see your neighborhood a little closer. You […]


Easily Organize ANY Sized Bathroom

Home, Living

The bathroom is easily the hardest thing to organize. There are so many things we use every day that it’s hard to know where too put them. When I moved into both my apartments and neither one of them had a linen closet. I always grew up with linen closets so switching over was a […]


Yes, You Need A Himalayan Salt Lamp. Here’s Why

Living, Wellness

Everyone likes to come home to a stress free house. After a long day it’s good to just unwind turn on Netflix and become a burrito and turn off the world. Its life as an “adult” in the new millennium and we’re all a little depressed but it’s all good. When you come home to […]


Thoughts On: The Body Shop Drops of Youth

Living, Skin

I’m all about loving yourself through skincare. When I went to Ulta the other day I was looking for a chemical peel. Usually, I use Ole Hendriksen Power Peel, I used it for years and I swear by it. However, The Body Shop might have them beat by a bit. Based on the sales associate’s […]