When And How To Do A Social Media Detox

Hi my name is Kim and I’m addicted to social media. I’m probably on my phone all day everyday just scrolling mindlessly. I’ve logged alot of hours just scrolling through my phone in the morning not getting up making breakfast or my morning work out […]

Can You Have Sex With A Friend and Nothing Change ?

It’s the age old question, does sex really change everything? In the past when sex was considered something more sacred,yes it would. Sex used to be something you did with a person you had strong feelings for. So it was natural to think by having […]

Creating A Calming Place

As you (will) come to know I like to keep my home peaceful. It’s my sanctuary and I intend to keep it that way. Negative energy has a way of sticking with you and the last thing you want to do is come home at […]

Mood Board: Be The Light

Mood Board: Be The Light

Over the past few days, like a week and some change, I have been in the worst mood. Like really bad, I’ve had negative thoughts and have even turned some of those thoughts into actions. That’s not like me, it’s not the “me” I want to […]

What is Hygge and Why You Need It

What is Hygge and Why You Need It

So if you’ve never heard of Hygge yet let me give you a rough explanation. Hygge is the art of building a sanctuary and inviting closeness and paying attention to what makes us feel open-hearted and alive. Hygge is a great meditative practice because it […]

Best Crystals for Beginners

Best Crystals for Beginners

When it comes to crystals healing it’s pretty hard to know what to get and even harder to stop. But everything that starts off difficult is worth the work for a huge payoff and I’m here to help guide you through the confusing world of crystals. […]

Top 10 Ways To Practice Self Care

It’s about 4 months into the new year, how have your year of self-care? We all get caught up in life and something or kinda fall off and forget. No worries I’m here to get you back on track here are some ways to get back […]

Make The Best Of An Awful Situation

  I enjoy night over day. Days are too busy and hectic and filled with things to do and places to be. At night, however, its always about enjoyment or relaxation. Time goes by very smoothly and calmly at night you can really focus on […]

#MyLife: Old Habits Die Hard

You know that old saying “Old habits die hard” it’s a fact. I’ve been dealing with my toxic ex for 2 years post-breakup.The question on your and my mind is why? Well, I think we all know why. I sincerely care about the guy, I […]

How To Live Your Best Life

  Sometimes there are certain events or say that resonate with us and make us want to live up to our full potential. I have to admit I don’t always live my life to the fullest. Sometimes, I’m tired, or  I just can’t afford to […]