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A Morning Ritual To Start The Day on The Right Note

Morning Ritual

The best way to start the day is with gold in your heart and a positive mindset. How you do that is having a morning ritual. Rituals help your mind get ready for the next task at hand. If you’re struggling to get up in the morning or you just want to start a healthy daily habit then follow helpful tips.

Before I started having a morning ritual I would proudly state how much of a morning person I wasn’t. I would groan if I woke up before 10 am. I was lost wondering what am I going to do with this time? Since I had no idea I would lay in bed. I would go back to sleep or just scroll aimlessly on my phone. That none of those made me want to get up and do anything. Here’s how I got out of that rut.

Morning Ritual

When You Wake Up Get Up.

I know when you hear that you think, what do you mean ‘get up’? I mean get up and get moving. Something that I enjoy doing in the morning is bed yoga. I don’t have to leave the bed for one. But it still gets my body moving and I feel awake.

My favorite yogi Adrian on Youtube has a great morning yoga ritual that is perfect for beginners. You can watch her morning yoga routine here as well as her other video just follow the link.

Have something to look forward to.

Whether that be your favorite morning drink or that new body wash you bought. Wake up to something that’ll make you smile and it doesn’t have to be big.

Leave The Phone

I know it’s hard to do especially if you use your alarm on your phone (which you shouldn’t). IF you do just turn it off and keep your morning going. Start off small. Check your phone after you get dressed, nothing is going to happen unless you get dressed first anyway so it can wait til then.

Say An Affirmation

Even something as small as “Today is going to be a good day” sets the tone for the day in the right direction. If you don’t know what to say here’s a short list of Affirmations that you can use just to get you started.

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What Is CBD Oil? And How Is It Beneficial

CBD oil, Cbd, cannabidoil

Unless you’ve been living under a rock CBD oil is the latest oil that has taken the wellness world by storm. No as big as coconut but a close 2nd.

What is CBD?

I’ve seen this oil all over my Instagram feed but never actually knew what it is. Basically, CBD stands for Cannabidiol, it’s one of the 113 cannabinoids that can be found in the cannabis plant. And before you ask, No you won’t get high from it.

What Does It Do?

It’s claimed to help with Chronic pain, anxiety, depression, acne, and a multitude of other things but we’ll focus on these disorders for now.

I always worry when a cure a product comes on the market. I’m a very skeptical person. However with me suffering from depression and many people suffering from chronic pain why not look into it a bit more?

According to Medical News Today a study in the European Journal of Pain they applied a topical gel containing CBD to rats for 4 days. They noticed a significant drop in inflammation and signs of pain without any side effects.

Also with it having some anti-inflammatory properties, it’ll take care of that inflamed pimples on your face.

I couldn’t find any studies that showed CBD in relation to anxiety or depression however, I did read about Jennifer’s experiment with using CBD oil for her anxiety. She did notice minimal changes but she also changed a lot of her daily habit like working out and eating better along with therapy.

CBD Side effects?

Hardly any really. They are:

.Diarrhea. Nausea. Dry Mouth, Low Blood Sugar.

There isn’t really enough information about CBD oil to say whether it’s good or bad even though it’s been out since the ’40s. I consider trying it at least for the pain, not so much the depression or anxiety.

What would or have you tried CBD oil? What’s you’re experience?

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Natural Remedies For Respiratory Issues

Mother nature is so equipped to handle even our toughest problems its mindboggling on why we keep trying to destroy her. I have learned how to channel mother natures healing powers to help with my breathing issues.

I suffer from asthma, so dusty or overly polluted areas cause me to have a flare-up, not to mention my sinuses always do me in. The air that I’m surrounded with can make or break me, I used to always have an inhaler on me at all times. That was until I learned how to keep my flare-ups at bay.

I keep Air purifying plants in my home.

What is an Air Purifying plant?

According to an article from Live Science states scientists found that plants can absorb many gasses besides carbon dioxide including Benzene(found in some plastics, cigarette smoke, fabrics) formaldehyde which is found in some cosmetics, detergents, fabric cleaner and carpet cleaner. There’s a longer list of VOCs here if you would like to read up on them. But some of these pollutants are linked to asthma, nausea, and chronic illness like cancer.


I couldn’t believe it all of those things are floating around in the air and we’re just inhaling them wondering why we’re getting worse and not better. While medical attention might be necessary, there are always alternatives.

  1. Have some plants in your home. Use the power of nature to eliminate those toxins from your environment so you can breathe easier. Read my article Creating Your Indoor Jungle to find easy to care for plants.

READ: Create Your Indoor Jungle 

      2. Clean. No brainer, but it does help remove all the dead skin cells.

      3. And cleanse open a window and light incense while saying a quick                  prayer for good health. You’ll feel the air and environment appear                  lighter.

While these may lessen your need to take medicine, please seek medical attention if it is needed.

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My 1st Time In Therapy

Recently I’ve started therapy. Sometimes life gets really hard for me and shopping and friends laughs aren’t enough. I never thought I would get here but here I am.

I set up the appointment with my doctor on Tuesday a day I had nothing planned. I like to stew with my thoughts plus I didn’t know what type of condition I’d be in after the first time.

There were a series of forms I had to fill out that told her my family history with mental health and also a brief overview of any traumas I’ve experienced. I wrote each down and thought to my self ‘she’s going to think I’m so fucked up.’ But I had to be honest. If I feel any kind of judgment I can just leave, right?

Finally, the day came and I fussed over my outfit only to arrive and see myself in the elevator reflection thinking I look terrible.

I walked in the waiting room and it was full of natural light with hopeful messages all around. I didn’t know the etiquette here so I just sat down stayed off my phone and looked straight ahead. After a few moments my therapist came out and took me back.

We talked about her dogs (which are all huge and fluffy😍) as she looked over my paperwork. As I thought she said you’ve been through quiet alot for someone who’s only 26. I smiled and said yeah.

We talked a bit about my past traumas and other things. I was surprised I only cried twice, but it was painful opening up old wounds. Once it was over I didn’t feel any better. I was happy I got something’s off my chest but I didn’t feel hopeful. As soon as I left I went in my car and cried and just drove around town eating and I voted early. When I went home I just watched TV and drank. Not the best but it’s how I cope.

Even though I didn’t leave happy. but I wasn’t hopeless and when I was crying I didn’t spiral down the depression shoot. I went out, took a break and spent more time out than I usually would.

So that’s good, right?

Have any of you been the therapy? What’s your views on it.

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#GetYourLife: Time For Hibernation

Every fall or so I like to reset myself. Whether I’m taking time for my mental or physical health.

This is hibernation is for both. Like I said in a previous post my mental health has been tested, you guys. I’m looking sleep and I’m getting angry a lot more which I don’t like. Physically, I just like to eat and lounge around and I’m starting to look like it. So I’m starting a diet and workout plan.

I like to do overhauls of my life, where I clean out my life. Like I get a chance to refresh and make any tweaks I feel necessary.

..:: So here’s the plan::…

Month 1

I start with a dietary cleanse. I like to start off with my diet because it sets the pace. When you eat better you feel better and when you feel better you’re more motivated to stick to any lifestyle changes you make. Also, you’ll see your work out results faster.


Month 1.5-2

After my diet is in check I get physical I start my work out schedule hard. I like to do 6 days a week going from hard to light. I then once I get in my groove I lighten up to just do a 3 day week mid intensity.

Now that we got the physical and diet down we go to mental. I get into my nightly meditation to calm my mind and get my chakras in check.

Month 3

I then get my life reorganized schedule out my life rework my wardrobe and plan out my next year and goals. Then my hibernation is over, I’m birth a new and ready to take on the world.


Want to join my journey? I’ll be documenting here and telling my process. Please join me with any tips you have I look forward to hearing from you.