Say It Loud! How Affirmations Influence Your Life


When Jim Carrey was younger he knew he wanted to be an actor. He wrote himself a million dollar check with the intent to cash it,eventually he made enough to cash that check. This is what people call manfestation. It’s when you have something that embodies and idea you have or a goal you want […]


Should You Work Out Or Rest *Quiz*

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I am one of those weird people who enjoy working out. Although I do enjoy enjoy it some days I’m exhausted from work, or just plain dont feel like it. But sometimes you got to do what it do baby. If I’m ever torn between resting or working out, I ask my self a series […]


What To Do When People Are ‘Trying’ You


When your coworkers get to clingy, annoying, etc it gets to the point where people are trying you. If you’re not familiar with that term it’s when people keep getting on your nerves or keep saying or doing little things like you won’t go off. Moment like this you really have to calm down and […]


Yes, You Need A Himalayan Salt Lamp. Here’s Why

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Everyone likes to come home to a stress free house. After a long day it’s good to just unwind turn on Netflix and become a burrito and turn off the world. Its life as an “adult” in the new millennium and we’re all a little depressed but it’s all good. When you come home to […]


What Is CBD Oil? And How Is It Beneficial

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock CBD oil is the latest oil that has taken the wellness world by storm. No as big as coconut but a close 2nd. What is CBD? I’ve seen this oil all over my Instagram feed but never actually knew what it is. Basically, CBD stands for Cannabidiol, it’s […]


Natural Remedies For Respiratory Issues


Mother nature is so equipped to handle even our toughest problems its mindboggling on why we keep trying to destroy her. I have learned how to channel mother natures healing powers to help with my breathing issues. I suffer from asthma, so dusty or overly polluted areas cause me to have a flare-up, not to […]


My 1st Time In Therapy


Recently I’ve started therapy. Sometimes life gets really hard for me and shopping and friends laughs aren’t enough. I never thought I would get here but here I am. I set up the appointment with my doctor on Tuesday a day I had nothing planned. I like to stew with my thoughts plus I didn’t […]


#GetYourLife: Time For Hibernation

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Every fall or so I like to reset myself. Whether I’m taking time for my mental or physical health. This is hibernation is for both. Like I said in a previous post my mental health has been tested, you guys. I’m looking sleep and I’m getting angry a lot more which I don’t like. Physically, […]