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What A Jade Roller Actually Does To Your Skin

jade roller,
From Coveteur

How often have you been scrolling down your Instagram feed to see a beauty guru use a jade roller and wonder wtf is it? It looks so chic like the newest OMG product that you have to have. But again what do you do with it and how is it beneficial to your skin?

Well, I dug around and asked around and found out everything you need to know about this oh so luxurious gem.

What is a Jade Roller?

As in the name, it’s a roller made out of a solid jade stone, it comes in different stones as well such as amethyst and rose quartz.

How Do You Use It?

I figure this image from Pinterest would help you better than I would ever be. You would want to apply your serum first or your moisturizer so you would have a smooth base. Lightly press down on the skin and begin rolling outward and upward on the neck moving up along the jawline and so on.

When you get around the eyes start closest to the nose then work outward towards the hairline. Follow this pattern around the cheeks then move up to between the brows moving up towards the hairline. When it comes towards the brows move it from inner to outer. The key is to move up keep everything up.

When rolled correctly the jade roller helps:

Increase Bloodflow

Reduce Swelling

And when frozen can reduce inflammation.

While they are marketed for anti-aging they don’t really help with the aging process, rolling something on your skin to prevent wrinkles doesn’t work. Also, it doesn’t help your treatment (serum) go deeper into the skin. It shouldn’t be used for anything more than relaxation and zen experience.

While the experts say a Jade roller helps with antiaging it did roll out my frown lines in between my brows so the proof is in the wrinkles.

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#ProductLust : c.Booth Body Lotion

I’m a huge advocate for moisturizing

I’ve been using this moisturizer for about a year and I’m just now buying another bottle and tbh doesn’t it still look full?

I love products that have treatment in them it makes life so much easier and c.Booth moisturizer all have treatments in them. The yellow one(pictured) was my first one and it has Shea butter for deep moisturization, Caffeine to firm your skin. it also has a lite exfoilator in there to help with your glow.

That’s what they say. What I say?

Yes my skin did firm up and my skin on my chest no longer has the fine lines it had from skin damage. It of course was moisturizing not insanly mositurizing but it was enough to make me feel lucious. Also smells like Lemons and sugar smelt so good.

I’m now on the blue one, this is Vanilla bean and no I don’t really smell it like that. This one is way more moisturizing than the yellow with Shea Butter, Sweet Almond, and Apricot Kernel. Also contains caffeine with antioxidants. I like it, however, I do currently have an itchy scab like sore on my stomach that appeared shortly after using this lotion (maybe it’s the almond?). Can’t say it’s related but I am going to take a break from using it and will up date you if it goes away or not.

With that being said I do still recommend this lotion maybe the yellow over the blue simply because of the sore but it’s still good and it lasts forever.

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7 Healing Bath Products To Try Now

Bathing is a ritualistic experience that can awaken your body in amazing ways. It’s something that we all do to calm(& wash) our bodies and prepare our minds for the next task.


 Let’s talk about the bath well-known in particular, bath gives your body a way of detoxing and healing its self from the daily grind. You can add simple ingredients to your bathwater to enhance it’s healing properties to help with your skin, your mind, and heal your body. 

Here are some great products to try.

Herbivore Botanicals Dead Sea Bath Salts – $18 

Bath Salts To Soak The Pain Away

It’s already a well-known fact that Epsom salts have healing properties such as…

  • Relieves aches and pains
  • Helps Digestion
  • Promotes A Restful Sleep & Reduces Stress
  • Aids in Performance and Recovery 

Eucalyptus Plant To Breathe In Positive Vibes

Eucalyptus – $15

Having a eucalyptus plant in your bathroom is the best thing you can do for your body. Eucalyptus is a natural decongestant and will reduce the effects of any congestion you might have as well as any headaches coming on. 

Healing Oils To Hydrate & Heal

Ancient Greek Remedy Oil -$15

I believe that you always heal the inside while caring for the out. My favorite oil to add to my bath is from Ancient Greek Remedy it contains Lavender (for relaxation) Vitamin E (for healing) and a mixture of other moisturizing oil that keeps my skin soft. 

Body Scrubs To Scrub Away Bad Vibes

Majestic Pure Himalayan Scrub – $13

When life gets you down it sometimes you need a really good scrub. The Himalayan scrub is perfect because of it’s detoxification properties. When using this scrub try to visualize all of the negative vibes washing away.

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Find Your Perfect Face Mask

Masking is a great way to perk up your skin after a stressful week and pamper yourself while keeping your skin looking fresh.

The only issue is what mask to use and when? There is an entire wall full of masks with so many ingredients it can be hard to choose. Never fear I have a handy guide to help you choose.

Since mask are part of the treatment step, let’s ask

    what’s your concern?

If you’re breaking out and oily… Clay Masks that suck out everything out of your pores like


Aztec Clay mask (get it here) is perfect for sucking the gunk of out skin.

If you’re looking for something that’s geared more towards breakout the Clear Pore Cleanser / Mask (grab it here) will do the trick. I like to mix mine with Aloe Vera when I do it I feel like it works better.

Skin looking dull and lifeless?

The original Glam glow (grab it here)is it a way to go you also can do a chemical peel like

the First Aid Beauty Intensive Radiance Peel (grab it here)to clear away any dead skin cells. Want to know more read my review full here.

If your skin is dry and aging you definitely want to add some hydration and collagen to your skin.

Your solution Youth To The People Superfood Skin Reset Antioxidant Mask (get it here) it has kale, spinach, and hyaluronic acid so many good yummy antioxidants and a plumper. Win -Win.

Now on to Sheet Masks…

Sheet masks have all the yummy nutrients are skinny and provide a quick pick me up when needed. They are no substitutes for a good old-fashioned mask but if you need your skin to look extra glowing For an upcoming date they are perfect. Here are some great go to to keep your skin looking glowy and less than 10 minutes.

TONYMOLY I’m Real Rose Hydrating Mask Sheet

Elixir Gold Korean Face Mask | Collagen & Anti Aging Wrinkle Treatment

TONYMOLY I’m Real Pearl Luminating Mask Sheet

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The Clarisonic Commandments

So by now, everybody should have a Clarisonic. If you don’t you need to get one, like, ASAP. Not only is it a great tool for daily cleaning of the skin. It helps give you a gentle exfoliation as well as a great blow to the skin and helps your skin care penetrate the skin.

Even though the Clarisonic has been around for a while now there are a few rules that I would like to reiterate. Just because if you’re like me you get comfortable and you constantly find yourself saying it’s fine I’ll take care of it later. Which isn’t good when it comes to the tools you use for skin care because if they get too bad you either have to replace them or risk serious infection. So let’s get into the don’ts and do of your Clarisonic.


Always replace your brush head not only when it starts looking dingy you want to replace it at least every 2 months just because it is something that you exfoliate with so it Harbors dead skin cells no matter how well your rinse. You don’t want to put anything in your skin while trying to get it out.

CC Epi Center MedSpa

Make sure that you don’t leave your Clarisonic in the shower since after you wash your face it could get water trapped in between the brush head and the base and get mold. So if you do leave it in the shower or you choose to wash your face first and leave it in the shower while you finish up when you’re done from time to time make sure that you remove that brush head so it can air out and you won’t have to worry about mold.

Make sure you keep track of the top the one that comes with the brush head just because and it could just be a me thing but I don’t like my bristles touching too many surfaces just because every surface in your bathroom pretty much has bacteria on it and you don’t want that getting on your brush head the brush head has holes in it so your Clarisonic should still be able to dry out but make sure you keep that fresh head so you don’t have to worry about like anything gross getting on it

Don’t use any exfoliators with the Clarisonic it would be too aggressive on your skin because Sonic already exfoliate your skin and to use another exfoliator on top of that is a bit of an Overkill and it can make your skin Raw which isn’t good also exfoliator is more of a scrub like it has little granules in it they can travel deep inside your Clarisonic and really mess up the function and mess up the gears of it so if you do choose to use an exfoliator make sure that you use it after not even before even if you don’t use your Clarisonic just be very careful

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How To Properly Do A Chemical Peel At Home

Chemical peels, once something everyone feared has become quite manageable and easy to do, in fact, you can do them in your own home now. They now come in a variety of forms, from gentle exfoliation to acne treatment and improving the overall quality of the skin, even dark spots.

Thanks to the countless options of peels on the market with various ingredients like glycolic acid, lactic acid, alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), and citric acid plus many more. It’s hard to know exactly what you need, when you need it and how to use it, don’t worry though, I’ll give you a rough guide to lead you through.

Read The Ingredients to make sure you know what you’re getting into, different acids treat the skin differently. Reading the ingredients could mean the difference of glowing skin and red skin. Such as Citric acid and AHAs they speed the process of cell turnover to help remove dark spot(hint) but they also help with acne. They’re very gentle on the skin,

The percentage isn’t a big deal you don’t really need anything over 10% for most over the counter options. Glycolic acid, for instance, should be used for aged and sun damaged skin(hint). Aging skin can be treated with up to 20% but if you’re doing peels regularly, you’ll see results no matter what percentage you use.

If you’re using a new peel or even an old one make sure you do a patch test first. Skin changes and you’d rather have one red spot than an entire red face.

Samantha didn’t listen, will you?

There’s No prep with going into a peel usually just make sure the skin is clean. Also don’t use anything that exfoliates prior to clean the skin, like a Clarisonic because it could cause over exfoliation and leave the skin raw. However, if you wanted to use a facial steamer prior that’s fine because it’ll help the ingredients penetrate deeper.

Avoid anything that could possibly be irritating 24 to 48 hours prior. That means no scrubs, waxes, lasers, bleaching prior, When it comes to sun exposure wear sunscreen and keep it at a minimal, you have fresh baby skin now we don’t need it getting damaged. It’s also wise to avoid makeup after so you don’t clog any pores.

If you use retinoids,  avoid any retinoid-based products 4 days prior to avoid skin sensitivity.


Of course, since you just did a major exfoliation don’t use any physical exfoliators, like your Clarisonic or any facial washing bush immediately after the peel.

Make sure when following up with your skin care that you use gentle skincare products that add moisture and rejuvenate the skin. Something soothing and aloe based should do the trick.


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The Skincare Commandments

When I was younger I had really bad acne and scarring. It was so embarrassing! I was the only one in my family that had it and couldn’t figure out how to cure it until I really paid attention to what I was doing to my body and skin. Once I figured out I created my skin care commandments. Following them has never steered me wrong.

Don’t drink carbonated drinks like soda it can cause breakouts. In my case, it always makes me break out in tons of pimples

Drink 90% water it flushes your system out and hydrates your skin well.

Plenty of fruits and vegetables it helps your skin glow.

Feed your skin with good hydrating masks. It keeps your skin strong and hydrated so it rebounds the free radicals in the air.

Relax your face. If you feel a wrinkle in your brow. Take a deep breath and it’ll calm you down.

Drink less and meditate more. Alcohol can dull the skin (not to mention its bad for the waistline) and can age you a bit. If you need to relax after a long day try to meditate more as an end to the day. It’s good for the mind and body.

Wash your face! At least wash your make up off, but you need to wash off your entire day. All the sweat, pollution, and grease of the day needs to come off. Your body heals its self at night make sure what it absorbs is healthy and good skin food!

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Why and How To Dry Brush


Dry brushing is exactly what it sounds like. You rub a dry wash brush along your skin to help exfoliate your body for a soft supple skin with an amazing glow. Peaked your interest? Read on for the benefits and how to..


…:: Awesome Benefits::…

  • Dull and dead skin is buffed away in seconds
  • Because of the exfoliation and the rubbing motion, it increases blood flow which equates to glowing skin.
  • It helps unclog pores and that helps with breakouts.
  • It also helps your skin care products travel deeper because when the blood flow travels back down it’ll take the products will go with it.
  • It also helps detox the body because the increased blood circulation helps the lymphatic system move and that helps with drainage.

…:: What Kind Of Brush?::…

  • Natural Bristles
  • Bristle should be stiff but not hard.
  • Fits comfortably and can reach everywhere

…:: How To::…

Brush upwards towards the heart in long upwards sweeps.

Start at the feet and work up the legs, front and back then up to the hips one at a time.

Then move up towards the torso, your sides, and back. When you do your stomach direct counter-clockwise.

Then work on your hands up the arms, both sides, towards the chest as well as your neck brushing down to your heart.

Avoid harsh movements or back and forth motions

Be gentle

Avoid brushing in sensitive areas like the face or any bruised areas or places with cuts etc…

It’s best to do it before you shower then rinse off the dead skin you want to make sure you don’t use a dry brush on wet skin.

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How I Got Rid Of My Stretch Marks

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor and my method of removal is not recommended, even by me. Use at your own risk.

I first got my tiger stripes when I was 24 and my booty started to grow. They weren’t the cute little white lines everyone thinks are adorable. They were literal tiger stripes like big dark brown lines going all across my thighs like a pair of shorts. Eventually, they started going down my inner thighs reaching my knees. I was beyond devastated and embarrassed. For 5 months I used a series of products from Strivectin (didn’t work), to Castor oil (kinda worked)  but nothing really got rid of them.
One day I kept seeing girls use derma roller on their face and wondered what the heck it was. Basically, it’s a roller covered with tiny needles that poke holes in your skin. It helps your body produce collagen and helps any product that you’re using penetrate your skin deeper.
It helps with stretch marks because your skin (once punctured) will generate new skin without the scaring. Multiple girls on YouTube swore by the product and with it only being around 10 dollars or so I figured why not?
Once I got it I used it at least once a day tuning it back and forth on an area 10 times then applied my cream.
After about 2 weeks I began seeing results! I couldn’t have been any happier! But still, my results weren’t happening fast enough. I wanted to be patient but couldn’t. I figured since stretch marks are essentially scars from your skin stretching rapidly why not get something for scaring?
Enter in Mederma Dry Oil for scars and stretch marks aka my saving grace. I swear by the oil. The oil absorbs into the skin so it penetrates the skin deeper than any cream and if I use it with my roller I couldn’t beat. And I was right! My dark brown turned to light brown almost overnight! I was back in skirts guys! I never felt sexier.
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Get Clear Skin In Two Steps


For years I’ve heard about Bio Oil being good for hyper-pigmentation and preventing signs of aging. That’s why I started using it. I didn’t like my current moisturizer because it left me feeling dry and my U.F.O. dry oil was too much of a hassle to get.

When I first purchased the Bio Oil I thought I’d just use it for my stretch marks. After a few days of using it, I felt like the marks were looking worse or not fading at all. It sat in my medicine cabinet for weeks. Then I got sick of my moisturizer and thought why the hell not? And smeared it all over my face, surprisingly it wasn’t too thick or heavy as I thought I just felt moisturized.

I’ve been using it for a few days with my Murad Acne Cleanser and I’m telling you it helped clear up my skin so fast. I think I might have only used it once or twice I’m not sure but I know its been less than a week. The bumps I get on my side of my face are gone and I even have some of my acne scars fading.

I wish I had taken before and after pictures but I was honestly expecting to break out from using the oil so I wasn’t thinking about it.

But if you’re in the market for a new moisturizer I suggest trying this one out. It worked for me.