Cancel My Postmates Order, Sir We’re Through

Cancel My Postmates Order, Sir We’re Through

I used to have a guy that I used for delivery dick services. I don’t have to sugar coat with you if you’re familiar with But we were in relations for a while.

I had no issues with him. We were involved for a little over a year, even though we had no relationship (I couldn’t tell you his last name) we were just having fun. I have to say he had me quite spoiled. Honestly if you had someone who you could just call when you want it and then send him on his way, if you’re not particularly looking for anything serious (which I’m not) it’s nice.

He recently moved to Atlanta and was recently up her for a visit. I wasn’t in the mood but seeing how I’ve been a recluse lately I was like why not. So he came over and we did the do and I was not satisfied. I mean he was trying he really was but I wasn’t buying it.

After we (well he was) done I rolled over and got back on my phone and continued watching the Simpsons. I was disappointed that I subjected myself to that.

I won’t do the typical slam but I was usually drunk when I did it ( I was in a really dark place )but I was pretty sober when he came over. My hair was wet I just finished exfoliating and a mask and just started drinking and thought what the hell.

So after this revelation of me deserving better and not even in that cave anymore. I simply blocked his number, no need to have a long with a dick appointment honey.

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