Body Hair Do We Keep It Or Ditch It?

Body Hair Do We Keep It Or Ditch It?

When I was younger I was so meticulous about my body hair. I would shave and use hair removal cream almost daily. I thought I wasn’t supposed to have any on my person at all. As I’ve gotten older, of course, there are certain things that I have changed about my body but it’s come after a lot of growth.

I would think everyone would have this revaluation but no. People are still hung up on a little body hair. I will never forget the night my friend and I were talking in her car and she told me I had a fuzzy face and needed to shave it. I never once heard I had a fuzzy face not even when I was modeling, and now to hear it from a friend it was weird. I wont lie I went home shortly after and shaved my fuzzy face and it felt no different.

It’s the same when I shave everywhere else, it’s just like “OK I’m done. Now what?” nothing. The world doesn’t start back up and it definitely doesn’t end when I didn’t. So what’s the big whoop? Heck, we only started shaving because some marketer back in the 1900s said the hair on women was unsightly because they wanted to increase profits, up until then no one cared!

This isn’t some feminist rant about me not shaving or removing hair because occasionally I will. if I’m going to have sex I’ll remove the hair because no one likes hair in their mouth and I ask my partner to do the same. I’ll shave my underarms if it’s getting a bit too long. I guess the harsh words of society has worn off on me because I don’t remember the last time I shaved my arms and legs(maybe the year before last?).

I don’t have a strong feeling either way. It’s your body, do what you want. I don’t see why we fixate on it so harshly.

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