Blossoming In Saturn’s Retrograde

Blossoming In Saturn’s Retrograde

It seems as if Retrograde has gotten a bad rep thanks to mercury. They’re not all bad though, some can bring great learning opportunities and bring a whole new chapter of rediscovery in your life. Much like Saturn. Saturn has been in retrograde since May and it ends on the 29th of September in Capricorn and Aquarius. Have you been feeling restrictive? Determined? or Reflective? This is all Saturn’s retrograde if you’re not sure how to handle these emotions I’ll tell you how.

With the mood being reflective it’s now the perfect time to reassess your goals and focus on your goals. If you’ve been putting off an online class or starting your own business now would be the perfect time to start! Maybe you don’t have a goal that’s fine you don’t need a to-do list to benefit from this time. If there’s a current situation that you’ve been dealing with or feeling cross about with reflection being the name of the game it’s ideal to rethink how to deal with the situation. Right now, you’ll feel emotionally mature so you don’t have to worry about any pettiness coming through in your decision making.


If you have been feeling as if things have been off at a certain place or situation it is an ideal place to break free. Stay mindful of your own personal boundaries, remember you teach others how to treat you. Don’t let others pressure you into situations unknown as well as don’t put yourself in tight situations. It’s the perfect time to explore and try something new and go off the beaten path, express yourself and try new things you’ve only dreamed about, now is the time!

Saturn’s retrograde might not be as shocking as mercury’s but depending on how you embrace it and how you treat it. How will you be spending this retrograde?

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