Blame It On The Alcohol: The Ultimate Guide To Day Drinking

Blame It On The Alcohol: The Ultimate Guide To Day Drinking

Oh, the allure of Day Drinking. It starts with a relaxing day either on your patio with a glass of rosé and fresh fruit. Or you’re out at some trendy brunch spot with your girlfriends. The intentions are always so good but typically it ends up with one too many swipes of your “for emergencies only” credit card. Now you have so many returns to make and the dreaded hangover. It almost makes you not want to drink again….almost.

Luckily I’ve met a few bartenders in my day, and have one too many drunken conversations. It’s then they decide to bestow some helpful advice to me that I now want to bestow unto you.

Eat Well

Eat something before your first mimosa. Something as simple as a few pieces of bread could help. An easy way to make sure you don’t slip up order your drink after your appetizer (if you got one). That way when you’re waiting for your drink you have something to nibble on.

Take Your Time

day drinking

Remember you’re relaxing and enjoying your day. You’re not trying to win a drinking contest. Sip smoothly and enjoy your drink.

Stay Hydrated

This really prevents your hangover. Alcohol is very dehydrating. When you constantly drink water with your alcohol you help hydrated and don’t worry you can still get a nice buzz.


Keep Your Day In Mind

Try to limit your self about 2 drinks. In all seriousness you dont want to spend the day in a boozy daze. So try to limit yourself and don’t let a drink in the morning continue on in to the evening. I know it’s tempting but it’s more or less going to end with a hangover or a stomach ach.

No Shots.

day drinking

I mean come on. We know we shouldnt No matter how fun it sounds.

Drink Healthy and Responsibly

day drinking

(Do we have to say responsibly?)

There are drinks they help detox your body while feeling you up with toxins. There’s drinks with turmeric and vegetable juice. It’s good and goodish for you and now you can drink with a little less guilt. Yay!

Grab your favorite margarita take your preparty pill and enjoy your day drinking. Life is worth living and living is life. So grab a drink and some sunblock and enjoy your day just don’t get lost in the sauce.

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