Best Pho Recipe To Keep Your Stomach Flat and Full

Best Pho Recipe To Keep Your Stomach Flat and Full

I’m still discovering a new palette when it comes to food. The hardest part about expanding your taste palette is when you try new food while keeping your wallet and waistline happy. I recently discovered Pho.

What it Pho?

Pho is a traditional Vietnamese street food containing broth, rice noodles and your choice of meat (if you want it). It’s very customizable that can fit the taste of many.

Like most places that allow you to customize the dish, you’ll need to be careful. Too many toppings in combination with the large portions can have a very adverse effect. I’ve discovered the perfect combination for a fun interactive dish that makes you – and your waistline- happy.

1. Portions matter.

You want to keep the portion size manageable. My Dad would always say you eat to have something in your stomach not to get stuffed. They have 2 different bowl sizes The Nho bowl that’s the smallest. You could also do the Lon Bowl aka Dac Bret bowl it’s their medium, a size you can make into two bowls (or treat yourself).

2. Lean Meats or No Meat

You can still get all that pho goodness with out the meats. Or if you’re a dieting carnivore then choose the lean meats. You can eat something more like chicken, seafood, and steak to make it meaty, but lean.

3. No Sauce

I’m a total sauce whore. Lay it on me. The sauce, however, doesn’t love me. Packed full of sugar and sodium maybe try the sauce instead. It enhances the flavor sans calories.

4. Spice It up

Spicy foods speed up your metabolism so say YES to spice. But use the chilies instead they come with jalapenos for that extra kick.

5. Add the sides

With all the goodies and sides to the nice broth to create a nice fulling broth with minimal calories with all the veggies included.

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