Best Food Staples For Vegans

Best Food Staples For Vegans

When I first decided to become vegan I was confused. I had no idea what to eat. I would get vegan things but I didn’t know what to get outside of food for recipes. Obviously, that’s a good start but if I don’t want to go to the grocery store every day then it would be best to have some staples in my house. Just a few things to keep on hand so I have something to eat regularly. If you’re considering going vegan, or just wondering what the heck we eat keep reading.

  • Beans (various)

I keep various types of beans in my house for chili making like black beans, kidney beans, chickpeas mostly. Its quick and easy and the beans dont go bad. It’s a really quick filling meal that I love. I can always mix and make a few different things with them and stay full.

  • Rice

Rice is a perfect side dish or main dish if times get rough. Something else I can buy in bulk and not really give a second thought about.

  • Oats

Another hearty meal that is nonperishable and very filling. It’s also ready without much cooking which is amazing. You man make oatmeal, overnight oats with fruit, and flour for bread.

  • Pasta & Sauce

Yes, most prepackaged pasta is 100% vegan!🤤 For fresh pasta, you’ll have to check for eggs but you’re usually in the clear if it’s prepackaged. The sauce is usually whatever I’m in the mood for, most times its marinara.

  • Popcorn

Always a good snack and it doesn’t really go bad, to my knowledge.

  • Cashews

You can make a ton of things with cashews…like peanut butter, butter, and cheese. Yes, cheese, it’s pretty damn good, or you could just eat them as is.

– Frozen broccoli

I literally always have a bag in my freezer. I love broccoli it’s so good, and again a few pieces of broccoli and rice or potatoes? Done.

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