The Best Feng Shui For Bed And Living Room

The Best Feng Shui For Bed And Living Room



When I moved into my new place I wanted to be sure of one thing the energy constantly flows and we welcome in good vibes. Not to easy when the move its self can be frustrating but we made do. Prior to moving, I searched relentlessly on the best way to feng shui for smaller apartments and I smudged the place thoroughly, letting it air our overnight. When move-in day came I made sure that everything was placed accordingly.

Feng Shui Rules

Living Room

You should be able to see your front door from your couch. The coach should be on the opposite wall of the door but if it’s not possible, use the mirror.

Place coach a few inches away from the wall to help with the flow of energy. It also helps the room look a little bigger.

Keep it clutter free, clear out the mail, take out the trash. Remove the toxicity of it all.

Plants in the east attract health

Family photo in a metal frame on the west wall brings luck


Again you should be able to see the door from the bed if you can’t use a mirror.

The mirror shouldn’t face the bed if at all possible, especially if you’re in a relationship, it puts another person in your bed. If you’re single it gives off anxious energy when you sleep.

Make your bed. It feels better at the end of the day and it makes you feel motivated and organized.

Open your blinds it lets in natural light. Natural light helps freshen the room up and fills the room up with positivity.

Keep it clutter free.

IF at all possible keep electronics out of your room they can drain energy and disrupt sleep.

Avoid laying your bed up against the wall, place it a few inches away from the wall. That way the energy flows through the room, also a lot easier for another party to get in and out of bed.

Avoid putting your bed directly in front of the door this way there’s no negative energy can affect your sleep.

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