Baby I’m A Fool

Baby I’m A Fool

Have you ever thought that the city you live in is way to small? For no reason? Maybe I’m just running in the same circles but it seems as if everyone knows everyone here and I hate it. I don’t care for familiarity I’m someone who wants something new and different every time I step out the house but I don’t really want to constantly move around. Its expensive and I like coning home to a constant.

But isn’t that every city? Once you live there for more than a year or two it you realize how small everything is? Like there’s only so many circles that fit your niche that you either have to change your entire being completely OR get up and move to see whats out there. Who knows. I did pull the Fool in yesterdays tarot card which is the card for new beginnings. Maybe its a sign? What are your thoughts?

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