Awaken The Magic Inside You

Awaken The Magic Inside You

Welcome to the first post of the new year! I know you have so much to celebrate and be happy for. The past year was a very trying one for me, anything that could have happened to me did.

I know everyone says that and this isn’t a competition but just within the past few months I went through so much that I can’t even begin to imagine how I got through it. I know you might not have been able to start your year off on a positive note, but I can tell you I’m glad you’re here reading this and if you need someone to rant to, feel free to write me a long email or message on Instagram just to get it out. I’m cool with just listening.

To get this year started I wanted to show you how to awaken the magic within you. We are truly magical creatures our abilities to read, write, grow, and evolveĀ is something that is so intriguing and unique for us. Sometimes though it’s a burden. We get so caught up on being so ambitious that we’re so blind to the greatness that we are. I was caught up in this as well, so focus on the next thing that I forgot to celebrate my accomplishments. This is what I mean by being mindful, we have to become more present in that moment.


Also remember Your Greatness.

Think about everything that has happened to you, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I know it’s hard to do, you might even cry and when you’re done, remember you’re still here.

Life, and the negativity it can bring to you and it does try so hard to knock us down. Remember that you made it through all that and you’re still here with all your scars. You are able to smile, you’re able to breathe and feel the sunshine on your face. You’re still able to go take a stroll down the road and feel the cool air rush over your skin. Your magic is in your strength, you’re resilenance, and nobody can ever take that from you. Nobody.

You are magical, you are powerful and you’re ready to dominate.

The world better get ready.

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