At Night At Red @ 28th

At Night At Red @ 28th

It’s a rarity that I go out at all. Between work, bills and any other financial obligations( aka eating and shopping) I never have time or money. This month, however, my horoscope told me my social calendar will be off the charts and who am I to argue with the stars? I’m out to meet bigger and better people! So I met up with a new girl from one of my old jobs. I rarely talked to her there but she seemed nice and fun so why not? As I got out of my car and began walking up I noticed her waiting in the doorway.

I quickly shuffle over as she waves me over. We hug and walk-in. Everyone’s eyes turn and look at us in a very intriguing way. As if they knew us. I asked if she had been here before she shook her head no and ordered us some drinks and hookah.

After a few drinks, she excuses herself to the bathroom. She was in there for a minute so I go to check in on her. As I open the bathroom door I shout to see if she’s in there. She pokes her head out of the last stall and ushers me back.

When I push the door back open I see her and another girl doing cocaine in the bathroom. I was shocked, beyond shocked. As I standing the bathroom stall dumbfounded. I eventually asked if that was cocaine (as if it wasn’t obvious) she just laughed me off and continues doing what she was doing.

I go back to the table and get the attention of the waitress. I pay my bill and leave. That’s just not my scene. By far the most awkward situation that I have had to date. I’ve never been around cocaine and I don’t wish to be around it again. What a night!

Have you guys ever been in this situation, or did cocaine? I need to know what you would have done in this situation, let me know in the comments and don’t forget to share.

I did have a fun night though. 10/10 would go there again. Maybe not with her though lol.

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