Are We Set on Settling?

Are We Set on Settling?

I love hearing old stories of how people fall in love and got together. The happy ones, where men used to court women. Sending flowers, talking on the phone all night, the 3 dates before a kiss. The love you see in old Audrey Hepburn movies.

I know love and people have changed just like many things do. However, things have changed in love so much that people hardly believe it in anymore. To say you’re actively looking for someone to marry is almost taboo.

Its like you jinx yourself from ever finding your forever by saying you’re looking for it. Like having marriage standards is like buying a pair of shoes from payless it’s fine if you do just don’t tell everybody.

What you’re supposed to do is soak your wild oats and fall in love randomly. Why are we leaving it up to chance now? Is this how we protect our hearts in the “hook up culture” dating has now become? I mean if you’re not really looking for something and nothing works out then at least you got a good story out of it, right?

It’s almost depressing to think we’d rather hookup with a guy or just have a sex based relationship rather than just waiting and holding out for someone who is really about something real, something more than the old bump and grind. I guess we really don’t nothing wrong.

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