A Morning Ritual To Start The Day on The Right Note

A Morning Ritual To Start The Day on The Right Note
Morning Ritual

The best way to start the day is with gold in your heart and a positive mindset. How you do that is having a morning ritual. Rituals help your mind get ready for the next task at hand. If you’re struggling to get up in the morning or you just want to start a healthy daily habit then follow helpful tips.

Before I started having a morning ritual I would proudly state how much of a morning person I wasn’t. I would groan if I woke up before 10 am. I was lost wondering what am I going to do with this time? Since I had no idea I would lay in bed. I would go back to sleep or just scroll aimlessly on my phone. That none of those made me want to get up and do anything. Here’s how I got out of that rut.

Morning Ritual

When You Wake Up Get Up.

I know when you hear that you think, what do you mean ‘get up’? I mean get up and get moving. Something that I enjoy doing in the morning is bed yoga. I don’t have to leave the bed for one. But it still gets my body moving and I feel awake.

My favorite yogi Adrian on Youtube has a great morning yoga ritual that is perfect for beginners. You can watch her morning yoga routine here as well as her other video just follow the link.

Have something to look forward to.

Whether that be your favorite morning drink or that new body wash you bought. Wake up to something that’ll make you smile and it doesn’t have to be big.

Leave The Phone

I know it’s hard to do especially if you use your alarm on your phone (which you shouldn’t). IF you do just turn it off and keep your morning going. Start off small. Check your phone after you get dressed, nothing is going to happen unless you get dressed first anyway so it can wait til then.

Say An Affirmation

Even something as small as “Today is going to be a good day” sets the tone for the day in the right direction. If you don’t know what to say here’s a short list of Affirmations that you can use just to get you started.

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