A little Bare or Full Bush

A little Bare or Full Bush
illustration by Laura Kennedy found on Irish Times

Since the 90’s it was pretty common for women to shave. It wasn’t normal/common before, but now it’s almost weird if you don’t. I’m not a huge shaver, it’s nothing political. I’m not taking a stance against the patriarchy with my pubic hair, I’m just lazy. If no one is going down there, why should I shave?

*Note: I shave my whoo-ha because as a sign of respect. I want you to partake in my forbidden fruit, I’ll give you a clean plate. I expect the same from them as well.

That being said since I’m coming out of hibernation and getting back on the scene(watch out fellas ? ) I thought I’d celebrate my coming out with a shave. Its been a good 2 months since I set a razor upon my feminine flower but, why the hell not? So I shaved and honestly I miss the hair.

We have pubic hair because it helps prevent bacteria getting into the body, it cools you off by getting the sweat off of you, prevents friction in clothing and a whole bunch of other reasons. Within my 24hours without hair down there I can say this, it got really sweaty down there, like a sauna. It is so annoying, how I dealt with hit prior I don’t know

When I was unshaven though I was a lot more carefree. I didn’t feel anything itch and my fluids (like discharge, sweat, and that lovely blood) swishing around down there.

I just prefer hair. I will say though with it shaven my body is reacting in the way I thought it would. I’m horny again. I feel like doing more with my self aka not going out in the same leggings I’ve worn for almost 3 days straight and my hair is getting done. So is it really that bad?

Tell me your thoughts, do you shave? Or are you a 70’s babe rocking a afro? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to share and subscribe

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