A Guide To Online Dating: Lesson One Learn The Dating Profile

A Guide To Online Dating:  Lesson One Learn The Dating Profile

Getting into the dating world is something no woman really wants to get back into dating. However, it’s a necessary evil if you’re looking for a relationship in this day.

I’ve been online dating for a while now while I met some good ones and even have had a few bad ones. I’m here to tell you the 6 kinds of guys you’ll run in to online.

The Paste Master

The message they send is a long paragraph laying out EVERYTHING. It makes you wonder how many times he’s sent this message out.

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The Good Time Boy

Only online for one thing. Not interested in even a friendship or much of a conversation, just in town for a night. As soon as you mention a relationship they’re out.

The Overachiever

So he slides in your dms talking about how you’re his queen he wants to marry you and all this jazz. Mind you this is all in the 1st message.

? Wikipedia

Oldies Goldies

These are the old guys who still dress like soulja boy in 2003. That’s pretty much it.

Morning Wood

This is the guy who texts you good morning beautiful every morning yet he disappears for the rest of the day.

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