6 Simple Ways To Living A More Sustainable Life

6 Simple Ways To Living A More Sustainable Life

One of the biggest reasons people say they can’t live a sustainable life is a fact they don’t know. I hate that reason. In the age of technology, you literally can look this up…and find this blog…and read this post. If you’re interested in being more sustainable easily, here’s how.

Buy 2nd hand

I’ve met some people that are completely disgusted by 2nd hand clothes because they think they’re dirty. Not knowing that pretty much all the clothes you get are dirty. Take it from someone who’s worked in retail, buying clothes, in general, are gross. Someone has tried that same shirt on multiple times prior to you buying it, and it came straight from the warehouse to that person’s back or where ever (because who knows what they did in the dressing room) to you. Knowing all this why not give some clothes a second life and get a good deal ( you can’t beat a 3 dollar shirt) while helping out the environment? And Always wash your clothes prior to wear.

Use what you already have

The thought most people have when trying to have a more sustainable life is to get rid of all your single-use products. No, No, NOOO!!! Please don’t. That’s the exact opposite of what you’re trying to do. Instead find other uses for your single-use items, like your shopping bag as a shower cap, or as a doggy bag. Get creative Pinterest is a great way to get inspiration.


Living in this world, you’re going to produce waste it’s inevitable no one is perfect. If you do, do your best to recycle and buy from brands that produce sustainable, and cruelty-free products

Buy sustainable products

When you do go shopping buy products that will last you through multiple uses. Aluminum foil can be washed, glass, of course, can be reused and silicon ( like in reusable sandwich bags) can be washed and reused.

Bring Your Own Shopping Bags

I know it’s hard to remember but it’s so worth it! I know hate going grocery shopping and forgetting my bags and getting tons of little bags, what am I supposed to do with this? If you do have tons of plastic bags use them again, I mean they have multiple uses. Or buy a bag and get millions of uses for it like lunch bags ( that are way cuter than that ugly wrinkly old plastic bag), travel bags, and extra storage. Its your bag and it doesn’t wear out.

Start a compost

I absolutely love my compost my little worms are cute and fat and they even had babies!! But with my compost you’re helping the earth and doing something good with your food scraps adding rich soil to help plants grow which feeds the animals that help enrich our lives. It’s the circle of life. If you’re curious I have a post here to help you start your very own compost.

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