6 Plants Even The Worst Plant Killers Can’t Kill

6 Plants Even The Worst Plant Killers Can’t Kill

Plants are the perfect way to add color to your life and decor. Its been scientifically proven that plants make people happy – but what if you’re no good with plants? Don’t worry, I might love plants but I’m not always the best plant mommy. I’ve got some sturdy plants! If I can keep my babies alive you can too. Here are my top plants you have to work to kill.


This plant is probably the easiest and prettiest plant I have. They grow in any light – I keep mine in low/medium light. They can survive if you water them about two days out of the week. They just need good soil and a roomy pot to grow in and you’ll be good.


The cactus. One of the few plants that you can completely ignore an it’ll grow. It just needs a good light source, not to bright. But you don’t have to water them often and even if you do you can use the water left in your glass from last night. It’ll be fine.


Aloe is a great starter plant. It’s was actually the first plant that I kept alive. I kept it in my bedroom in a corner that didn’t get to much light and it grew huge. You only have to water it occasionally – it’s a desert plant – doesn’t need much.

Nerve plants (Fittonia Albivenis)

I put nerve plants on here for one reason and one reason only- they’re dramatic. Meaning if it’s time to water it, it’ll wilt when its time to water. Once you water it it’ll spring back to life like nothing happened. Perfect for that one person who can’t tell when to water their plants.


This is another sturdy plants that don’t require too much. If you’re an over water-er than this would be good for you – or if you’re underwater-er. You can sit a stalk of this bamboo in a thing of water and it’ll be fine.

Snake plants

Amazing plant that comes in multiple forms, you can really create a beautiful collection. If you only water them a few time out of the week you’ll be straight.

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